Is astrology real?............................................................................................?

do you beleive in astrology, if so why and how are you influenced and what influences you(relegion, family ect.) , if not why ? thank you

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    Yes I do believe in astrology but with a whole bunch of catches.

    1. I believe many times that very specific astrology ends up being self fulfilled prophecy. If your daily horoscope says you are going to have a bad day, you are likely to have a bad day. Not because your horoscope says so, but because you've started your day just knowing it was going to be bad.

    2. Just like any form of precognition, which is what horoscopes are, it depends on the person making the prediction. Some astrologists are dead on, some just make it up as they go along. In my experience and background, most people who have a natural gift for precognition will not accept payment for use of the gift. Commercialized horoscopes may get one or two things right, but they are typically very general and depend on the self fulfilled prophecy.

    3. Most horoscopes are based soley on Sun Signs. Although Sun Signs do have quite a bit of influence on the individual there is so much more to it than that. Because of the other aspects in birth charts it is not at all unlikely for two Scorpios to have completely different days.

    4. I believe in "whole" astrology. This includes the entire birth chart and all aspects of the position of every planet in regards to every other planet. I believe in it because it makes sense to me. I have seen the work that goes into the birth chart, I have seen a lot of the research behind the "meanings" of certain planets in certain houses, and in personal experience what predictions I do pay attention to are mostly accurate. I am a Scorpio sun sign but I do not posses a lot of Scorpion traits, however when the rest of my birth chart is considered I understand why that is and where the other traits come from.

    5. The influence in my life for the work of the birth chart is minimal. I do not believe in daily horoscopes for the self fulfilled prophecy reasons and for the work that would go into getting a daily horoscope using every single aspect of the chart. It just isn't time effective. The influence is mostly what the planets are doing. For instance if Mars was recently in retrograde in Leo. This very generally leads to introspection. Now if Mars in in Leo in your natal chart this will effect you more so than others. Depending on the house Mars is in in your natal chart it will effect different areas of your life more so than others. That's just a very vague idea, the whole concept is very complicated. It really isn't a prediction either, more of advice with good reason for it.

    6. Another reason why I believe is I thoroughly enjoy working with my birth chart. Once every few months I look into a Geocentric Ephemeris (the easiest way to see where the planets are) just to look for trends that may effect me in the near future. I enjoy the calculations and seeing what happens.

    7. Astrology doesn't have much of an influence on family life. The only real influence being if the planets line up in such a way that says be careful of hurting a loved ones feelings for this period, I'll put off that conversation about my husband leaving dishes at the computer desk for a week or so.

    8. I am a Pagan, but astrology doesn't have much of an influence there in my practices. Some rituals are best for certain patterns in the sky, but that's honestly second nature at this point and I don't even think of the astrological aspects of it.

    9. The best I can offer for proof of how the planets can effect us is the moon cycle. When we have a full moon where I live people change. The closer the moon is to the earth the more distinct the change is. I worked for several years as a 911 operator and on the nights of the full moon, oh my the things that would happen!

    10. All of the above being said, astrology can be taken very seriously or simply as entertainment. I know people who use astrology to plan every second of every day and I know people who check their horoscopes once a week or so just for the entertainment value.

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    its been continuously around MUCH longer than any religion, and it is the single most widely held belief on the planet. there has to be SOMETHING to it..... the idea that the position of the largest parts of the immediate universe at the time and place of your birth have an impact on the energies which enter, pervade, and leave your life certainly is supported by modern science at the least. to solve for a state of a given system at a given time, you need an Initial energy state (birth chart) and a guide or equation as to how the system will evolve as a function of time (motion of planets and earth). sure its not as certain as an equation, but i wouldnt throw it out entirely :)

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    nope, astrology is not based on science but in the field of mind reading

    which i do not believe in, personally i go along with it because its fun and im sure most people do it

    because nobody wants to be the outkast who says "oh no i dont believe in that bs" and be the party pooper ;)

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    I need a proof because it is not a science

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    No it's been proven to not work

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