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Based on the names what do you think these children would look like?


Maewyn Grace

Lorelei Yvaine

Doveva Jolene "Dovie Jo"

Louisa "Lulu" Briar Rose


Levi William

Rafael James

Grayson Dean

Evander Hawthorne

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    Hello :-) First off, I really like these names. I'm a bit confused as to how you pronounce 'Maewyn' but I'm assuming it's eaither May-Win or May-Ev.



    Maewyn Grace - Very petite girl, asian, long black hair, bright blue eyes, smiles a lot.

    Lorelei Yvaine - Popular girl, cheer-leader blonde, blue eyes, make-up loving, pretty skin. gorgeous.

    Doveva Jolene "Dovie Jo" - Tomboy, brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, smiles, tough, loves leather.

    Louisa "Lulu" Briar Rose - Girly-girl, delicate "I cant do this!" type, Lorelei's best friend, blonde hair.


    Levi William - tall boy, brown hair, messy, hangs in his eyes, blue eyes, freckles, not fat.

    Rafael James - african american basket ball player, tough, brown eyes, tough, "gangster"

    Grayson Dean - White-blonde hair, jayde green eyes, olive-skin, smiles, friendly.

    Evander Hawthorne - Black hair, oiley, skinny, nerd type. Photographer.

    That's pretty much it, I think. I hope this is what you were looking for. :-)

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    Maewyn Grace: a kid with down syndrome.

    Lorelei Yvaine: A cute girl

    Doveva Jolene "Dovie Jo": a girl who forgets to shower...often.

    Louisa "Lulu" Briar Rose: A "flowery" girl


    Levi William: a stupid fat wanna be surfer dude

    Rafael James: fat mexican

    Grayson Dean: a really shy dirty-blonde cutey

    Evander Hawthorne: a cocky drama queen

    hope we helped :)

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    Maewyn Grace- Asian. Kinda cute but nerdy.

    Lorelai Yvaine- Caucasian. Pretty.

    Doveva Jolene- African American. Cute but not beautiful.

    Louisa Briar Rose- Hispanic OR European. Childish.


    Levi Wiliiam- Caucasian. Cute. Religious

    Rafael James- Hispanic. Cute. Kinda small for his age.

    Grayson Dean- Caucasian. Rich background. Kinda snobby/spoiled.

    Evander Hawthorne- African American. Nerdy.

    I have no idea I just came up with random images for each name..

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