i need a program, read for more info?

okay, so i DJ now and again online, and i need a few softwere's i also DJ in clubs


1. i need a program where i can mix music, and make my own mix of songs in one plus voice for free.

2. i need a program where it lets me play songs but has lyrics with them aswell.

and anything else u think i may need.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You didn't specify OS, but I'm assuming you're running Windows.

    I would recommend configuring your system for dual boot (if you want to/need to keep Windows) and install Linux Mint. Linux Mint is free and all of the software for it is free too. They have a lot of great multi-track recording utilities, drum machines, etc..I use Audacity for recording/mixing and Hydrogen for my drum beats. Both are great programs. It's not pro tools, but heck, you want free.

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