Reno v. A.C.L.U. or... New Jersey v. T.L.O.?

Ok Which 1 of Diz Two have changed the U.S 4 better or worst

New Jersey v. T.L.O. - T.L.O. was a fourteen-year-old; she was accused of smoking in the girls' bathroom of her high school. A principal at the school questioned her and searched her purse, yielding a bag of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Reno v. A.C.L.U. - Intended to protect minors from unsuitable internet material

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    Um ok about the top answer... get a life dude they dont have to b travel related cause she put it under united states and this is from the u.s so why the **** did you answer if you were just going to say that, and she had great spelling what are you talking about?! (except for diz) but its just ONE word geez, not like if you were a dictionary!

    ok i personally like RENO better cause i find it more interesting since they are trying to protect children from harmful internet material but then it does go against freedom of speech because everyone should have a right to view what they want. So yea then again its YOUR decision so choose what you think is best and what YOU like the most and if you think it has impacted.

    See you in Mr.Nieve's class and btw is the essay for tuesday or thursday i just want to make sure i think its for thursday thou, we have to study for science and i have MATH ewww kay well see ya in school HUGS.

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    neither are travel related, are they?

    learn proper grammar, please.

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