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Will the corporate slaves in China eventually have a labor movement and demand a higher standard of living?

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    I have no sympathy for anyone who can't make it on $130 a month.

    At China's standard, 60 hour work-week, that comes to almost 60 cents an hour.

    If they want the luxuries of electricity and indoor plumbing, they need to get off their sorry azzez and put in some overtime.

    This is how capitalism works.

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    Hardly corporate slaves. They work for the corporations because it provides a far better standard of living than they had before. Otherwise they would have just remained farmers.

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    They tried that at Tiananmen Square.

    Hundreds of people were shot.

    The rest were sent back to work.

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    1 decade ago

    If it could happen in America, it could happen anywhere.

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    but US tax $$ are being use to train slaves to prostitute for US executives .......... trust me... it is real.........

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