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Do extremely sweet, fairytale relationships exist?

I absolutely love music videos that show an extremely sweet, pure relationship between two people. It's as if there is no lust in the relationship and every moment is just filled with sweetness and pure love and longing for the other person.

Does such a thing exist? Has it ever happened to you? (:

Does such a rel

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    When my fiance and i got together, everyone called us sickeningly sweet haha. While we were physically attracted to each other, we didn't desire a big physical relationship for a long while. We loved to cuddle and give little kisses, we loved to always be in contact (whether it was holding hands or my having my arms around his waist, leaning into him or him standing behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin on my shoulder)...we loved knowing the other was right there next to us. We were always so lovey dovey...we couldn't go an hour without saying "i love you" or talking about how we felt about each other. We just could never get enough of each others touch or put this instant calm over us. Yes, we have had our arguments...but in all honesty, they last 6 or 7 hours at the most. We go for our time alone and sort out our thoughts but we hate being apart so much and hate fighting with each other that we can't wait to get back to each other to talk it out. Then it's like the fighting never happened, we're cuddely and lovey and want to make up for the time we lost while fighting.

    We were really in this fairytale that we didn't think would last (every relationship drops out of the honeymoon phase eventually). But 3 years and a 2 month old son later, we're more in love than ever and all the things i mentioned above still happen. We joke about how we're in a perpetual honeymoon phase, how it'll never end for us haha. Our friends always say that if my fiance and i can't make it, then there's definitely no hope for the rest of them haha. We're just so in love, infatuated and obsessed with each other in the best ways possible and both of us are always willing to admit it.

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    Of course they do. Relationships take a lot of hard work on both parties. Yes that means 100% all the time. There will always be spats and disagreements but selfishness and pride have no place in a wholesome relationships. Unfortunately, we live in a self-centered society and family values are at a low as compared to before so it is easy to throw that relationship away rather than making it work. The old saying the grass is always greener on the other side has never been more prevalent now than ever before. If a person wants that true relationship that we all seek then it is best to water their own lawn rather than jumping into someone else's backyard. The key is to search for someone who is not selfish and proud and you should be able to have that if you are willing to work at it. Good Luck in your search.

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    It does exist but only momentarily, there are always problems that arise in relationships. Music videos are heavily sensationalized these days. "The course of true love never did run smooth".

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    that's how it was when my boyfriend and i started going out. but we've been going out for like a year and a half. and everything is just falling apart and i feel like im walking on glass.

    maybe it used to happen, because a lot of old people have been together for like 70 years and they're still together. maybe it still exists but it's a lot rare-er these days.

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    No, your question makes no since. dont believe what you see on tv. basically relationships like this do not exist. with me and my girlfriend i ***** her out pretty much everyday and make her cry. but she never really breaks up with me. i mean doing this makes me feel good. you should try it instaed of being really nice and sweet to your boyfriend.

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    yeah it exists but it does not go in that way forever. relationships are so sweet in the beginning.

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    I have been abused, cheated on in the past, emotionally abused, players and then me and my guy get in contact and he is looking for exact same thing as me. You can find it have faith:) it happens in the weirdest places though haha

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    When you meet "The on" it will be...Doesn't matter what they look like or what occupation they have. It will be your own personal fairytale~

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