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Is modern christianity a corruption?

Originally, Christianity was a Jewish cult which believed Jesus was the messiah. They still do.

However, one thing that the Christians did which the Jews never did was convert the Pagans.

Is it not possible that Pagan ideals and stories have, after all those years, melded with Christianity?

It is entirely possible. So, it's entirely possible that the Christianity we have now is a corruption of the original teachings - Which may not even be in the bible, since it was written by people who used to be Pagan themselves!

What do you think of this?

Don't bother responding with quotations of scripture.

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    Only in the way you might consider a plant to be a corruption of the seed, or a butterfly the corruption of a caterpillar.

    Christianity has grown from a small, mostly Jewish religion into the world wide, all inclusive religion it's supposed to be today.

    The melding of other ideals, as far as they fit Jesus's main commandment to love, are assets to our spiritual growth, not liabilities. Christianity is pliable enough to take in people with many different concepts about God, as long as they teach love and peace.

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    1) Is it not possible that Pagan ideals and stories have, after all those years, melded with Christianity?

    Of course they have.

    2) So, it's entirely possible that the Christianity we have now is a corruption of the original teachings

    Well - that, too, is possible - but that is NOT necessarily a consequence of the first thing. Also: we have manuscripts of the New Testament Scriptures dating to the 2nd century - which means that we have the same documents that the very early Christian church had, almost certainly predating any significant pagan influence. Because of that, we can evaluate extra-biblical Christian teachings and worship practices while assuming that those found in the Bible are authentic.


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    First of All, the Jews aren't a cult.... Wiccans are a cult, not Jews or Chrisitans,

    Second, over the years, Christians do tend to stray, churches get more perverse, but When Stuff like this happens, I just follow the bible, if you read the bible it will tell you the right way to live, what kind of things to say, how to act, and what to eat.. It's the complete guideline. Also the bible wasn't written by Pagans, it was written by true people following God.

    Here's a Test... Read the Bible, follow it for a week, and see how it feels, if you don't feel anything try 2 more weeks..

    If it doesn't work, than all the stuff you said it is true...

    but there's just a little bit else to do... during that week, Pray and Believe..

    Just start out talking to God (you might not here him) but believe he's there, cause he is.. ask him to show himself to you, then wait...

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    It sounds like you're trying to assume in order to solve a theorem... The best way to solve a theorem that requires an assumption is to start with the opposite and disprove that then you can prove your argument. So let's solve this mathematically; instead of proving that "Is it not possible that Pagan ideals and stories have, after all years, melded with Christianity" meaning that Pagan ideals did affect Christianity, let's prove that it didn't and go from there.

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    Yes, probably. Christianity today, I'm sure, doesn't teach the same things that Jesus Christ taught. It's a man-made religion, and people twist and distort it to make it meet their personal requirements. We even have to question the Bible, not simply because the writers were probably once Pagans themselves, but also because it was written years after Christ's death by multiple authors, has been translated multiple times, and has been modified where words couldn't translate properly from one language to another. Also, I believe that many books of the original Bible were removed because they caused "enlightenment", which the originators of the religion, the Catholic Church, were against years ago, if not still today.

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    They all got it all screwed up


    They all think that they got it down as to how it is suppose to be done


    Where in the end none of them knows what the hell-o they are doing


    They all still have to use a book that is over 3000 years old in when the first stories were put in it


    And to use an instruction book that was written for primitive man


    Is like saying the stone wheel will never get a flat so


    All new cars will have only stone wheels on them


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    If it's possible to consider Christianity, for some, to be mainly a spiritual pursuit, even if someone were highly religious,... then the answer would be sometimes, because it would be based on motivation of that given moment in their lives.

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    While the Catholic church did meld with paganism and most churches are an offshoot of the Catholic church the Greek manuscripts are still pretty much intact.

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    Actually, I don't think so. It is flexible, thus its many different sub-sects. Through the centuries Christianity has adapted to cultures and peoples. Pretty cool if you ask me.

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    Duh! Welcome to reality.

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