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what is a stud dog???????????????????

is it one thats good with the ladies? lol

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    They are male dogs used for breeding with multiple female dogs.

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    Dog Stud

  • Pretty much! It's a male dog who is specifically used for mating with female dogs when their owners want puppies. It's usually a pedigree, and people can charge an awful lot for a stud dog.

    Yes, some people are concerned that the owner of the dog doesn't care about it's welfare, just the moneymaking, and especially in the professional and rich dog owners, this CAN be the case. But not always, remember, as some owners love and care for their dog just the same as if it was not a stud.

    Hope I helped!

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    Yes, it does happen. And then they do DNA tests on the puppies so they know which male sired which puppy so they can register them with the AKC. It is much more expensive to go that route, but I know of some people who have done it. Especially, if it is the female's last breeding, and they can't really decide on which stud would better compliment the b*tch, or think they both would equally, but the pedigrees are so different and they want both pedigrees. I am not sure that it is something I would do, but, to each his own. Sorry I do not know any links for you the research it, so I can not help you there. But, I do know it is done for a reason. Though it has happened by accident as well. You take your female to the male you want, breed her and bring her home. Then your male escapes and gets her. You have to DNA test to register the litter. Registration of the litter costs more as well. Good luck with your research. Perhaps someone will be able to provide you with a link.

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    A Stud Dog is the name for a dog that's used for breeding. Not the same as a human male 'stud' lol. Likewise, a breeding female dog would be called a Brood B itch.

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    A stud dog is a male whose owner is offering to breed him to a female for monetary compensation or first pick of the litter. These should only be purebred dogs who have competed in shows and won, but occasionally an ignorant BYB will put their dog with no credentials up for stud to try and make a quick buck.

  • A Stud Dog is an outstanding specimen of it's breed, that has been carefully bred, raised and handled to it's show and/or working titles. It has had all the essential health screening and genetic testing for it's breed to prove it cannot pass on any inherited health problems. It has an exemplorary temperament, befitting it's breed.

    It's owner is caring for both the dog and the breed and carefully screens any owners of quality, similarly health screened bltches that require the dog's services to produce quality puppies. If the stud dog owner approves of these bltches, the owner will then have a written stud contract and allow the dog to be used at stud to produce the next quality generation.

    That is a stud dog.


    Of course any old untested mutt that has not achieved the above will help himself to any old untested bltch if he has irresponsible owners who fail to get him neutered.

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    a stud dog a a male dog that you use to breed a female dog....

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    It's a breeder's dog that they use to mate with a lot of other female dogs

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