How do i set up my microphone ?

I have a JTS Tm Series mic with an XLR cable (I think). I have a guitar amp, a laptop and a few sound systems. I just need to know how to set up the mic with any of these?

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  • Chuckc
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    So let's go in order:

    Guitar Amp: Probably not the ideal place to put a mike because guitar amp frequencies are not really suited to a vocal application. If you want to use this amp and the mike has an XLR you will need an adapter to convert the XLR to 1/4" phono plug.

    Laptop: Usually mikes used in a computer are not the same as one used in live sound. You will need another adaptor that takes the XLR connection to a 1/4" mini plug, if you can even find one like that. If so then it will go in the 1/4" mike input on the laptop. They make mikes specifically for computers so you might be better off with one of those.

    Sound Systems: If you mean a stereo sound system well it will depend on if there is a input that can handle a mike. Most stereo systems use dual RCA plugs for stereo input. Mikes are not normally stereo by nature, though if you use a mixing board which has XLR/phono plugs for their input you can similuate a stereo image from the board/amp/speakers. I have never seen a mono XLR to stereo RCA before but they may be around, you'll just have to look around at somewhere like a Best Buy or Radio Shack if you are in the states or an electronics supply house.

    If you have a true sound reinforcement system then you would normally use the XLR input on the individual channel. There are volume and frequency modulation controls that allow you to tailor the sound to your voice.

    Hope this helps.

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