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Being a student of Tourism Management department, I enjoy traveling a lot. For me, Kengtin and Hualien are the two most attractive sights of Taiwan. The scenery was really beautiful there. Besides, Japan is the country I would very much like to visit in the future. I can’t do it now because I don’t have enough money. I hope I am able to save enough money soon.

This is my sen ior year of college. Among all the subjects I have studied, Tourism English and Tourism Geography are my favorites. Of course, the other subjects also are interesting and practical. Through the academic training and the professional practicum in our department, I’m sure I’ll be equipped with specialized knowledge of tourism-related issues and develop good ability to work independently. Therefore, after graduation, I plan to continue my studying in the graduate school or get a job in the tourism industry. Thank you.



There’re five people in my family. I have a brother and a sister. I am most close to my sister . I’m a Scorpio and I feel I do like observing people. I’m interested in writing blogs, seeing movies and listening to music, especially pop music.

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    在旅遊管理部門的一名學生,我喜歡很多旅行。 對於我,臺灣的兩個最有吸引力景色的 墾丁、 花蓮。 風景在那裡真的很美。 此外,日本是我很想在將來訪問的國家。 我不能做它現在,因為我沒有足夠的錢。 我希望我能夠很快就儲蓄足夠的錢。

    這是大學的我高三。 我研究過的所有科目,其中我最喜歡的旅遊英語和旅遊地理。 當然,其他科目也有趣又實用。 通過學術培訓,並在我們系的專業實習我 ’m 確保設有與旅遊相關的問題的專業知識,併發展良好的獨立工作能力。 因此,畢業後, 我打算繼續我留學研究生部或在旅遊業中找一份工作。

    在我的家人,有或是五人。 我有一個哥哥和一個姐姐。 我是最親近我的妹妹。 我是天蠍座,我覺得我的確喜歡觀察人。 我興趣寫部落格、 看電影、 聽音樂,尤其是流行音樂


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