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Jesus' fulfillment of Prophecy: Above suspicion?

There are over a hundred predictions of a coming messiah in the books we call the Old Testament. They are a central part of Jewish, and later Christian, tradition. To the Jews of 1st Century Palestine who later became referred to as the first Christians, the legends of a prophesied great leader were an integral part of their culture. When Jesus appeared and made claims, or claims were made on his behalf, that he was the long awaited savior some supported him, others did not.

Those who supported his claims wrote books about him with the specific intention of portraying him as the one predicted by the Old Testament verses. In light of this is it surprising that the Jesus of the New Testament seems to fit so well with the awaited messiah of the Old?

Consider this - fulfilling a prophecy that you know about and can actually take steps to achieve is not very impressive. Lets grant for a moment that a man named Jesus did actually ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, as it's said - " that the prophecy could be fulfilled." What does this prove, other than that the author/s of the book or Jesus, or his supporters, were doing everything possible to convince others that he was indeed the messiah?

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    Actually, the Bible has been translated from the original tablets(?) with a 99.6% accuracy.

    Dating shows that the tablets and prophecies were written hundreds of years before Jesus was born, so they weren't "rigged" to suit him to be the Messiah. Many of the prophecies were very specific, such as his birth location, lineage, and born of a virgin (some people believe the word in the prophecy was actually "young woman" instead of "virgin" but either way, it was fulfilled), and others such as the donkey one were of course much easier to fulfill.

    Jesus fulfilled 61 detailed Old Testament prophecies. To put this into perspective, the chance of him fulfilling just eight of them is 1 in 10^17.

    The main reason Jews at the time did not accept Him was because He fulfilled the prophecies in ways they did not expect. They were expecting a political leader and revolution, not a moral revolution.

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    I understand your skepticism. I am a follower of Christ and have asked the same questions before. Here are some things to consider:

    1. Some prophecies that Jesus fulfilled were beyond his control.

    2. Why would these Jewish men make these things up, and then give over their lives to be martyred for spreading the good news of Christ?

    3. Paul was a Pharisee who did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah until he had a personal encounter with God on the road to Damascus. He even approved and assisted in the killing of Christians. But he became the greatest Christian missionary the world ever knew. He wrote most of the letters that are books in the New Testament, endured beating after beating, was imprisoned, shipwrecked, and persecuted over and again.

    4. The prophecies in the Old Testament were delivered by the prophets for the Jewish people to be encouraged in their times of despair and distress, that God was bringing a redeemer to this world. God didn't send these prophets so that hundreds of years later, their words would be used to "prove" that Jesus really is the Messiah. Jesus needed no proof and refused to perform signs and wonders for the Pharisees who asked him. There is and always will be an element of faith in believing what we cannot see or prove.

    And I believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Word become flesh, the fullness of God's love and grace, the Messiah who has taken our sins in his own body and died in our place so that we may have a relationship now and forever with God the Father through him.

    I hope this helps. Peace and blessings. :)

    Source(s): Check this list of prophecies:
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    But, for one man to be able to fulfill all those prophecies? I don't care how hard he could have tried to conscientiously fulfill them, the cards just can't be stacked in one man's favor like that. Nobody wants to be scourged and endure torture, just to later be crucified (more torture).

    <<<he does not actually fit all that well. the messiah is supposed to be descended in the male line from david, and if jesus was not joseph's son, then he could not be the messiah.>>>

    An adopted son is no different than a biological son except in cases of patrilineal inheritance of the priesthood (adopted son cannot become a kohen or Levite). Yeshua, being Yosef's adopted son, enables him to inherit the throne of David. Messiah is already Jewish (one requirement), is the seed of David by his mother Miryam, and inherits tribal status from his father Yosef who was of the tribe of Yehuda. When Ya'akov adopted Ephraim and Mannaseh (who were formerly Yosef's sons; see book of Genesis), he gave them land and tribal status.

    <<<and the messiah was supposed to restore the jewish kindgom forever. dying on the cross a generation before the destruction of whatever was left of jewish independence by the romans does not fit that bill.>>>

    Two comings: Zech. 9:9 and Daniel 7:13. Explain how the Messiah comes lowly and humble on a donkey AND also glorious upon the clouds of heaven. Which one is it?

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    Gen. 49:10 Born of the tribe of Judah Matt. 1:2-16; Luke 3:23-33; Heb. 7:14 Ps. 132:11; From the family of David Matt. 1:1, 6-16; Isa. 9:7; Matt. 9:27; 15:22; Mic. 5:2 Born in Bethlehem Luke 2:4-11; John 7:42 Isa. 7:14 Born of a virgin Matt. 1:18-23; Luke 1:30-35 Jer. 31:15 Babes killed after Matt. 2:16-18 his birth Hos. 11:1 Called out of Egypt Matt. 2:15

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    he does not actually fit all that well. the messiah is supposed to be descended in the male line from david, and if jesus was not joseph's son, then he could not be the messiah. and the messiah was supposed to restore the jewish kindgom forever. dying on the cross a generation before the destruction of whatever was left of jewish independence by the romans does not fit that bill.

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    Self fulfilling prophecies are nothing special. Like Israel becoming a state again... I'll believe in prophecies that people can predict before they happen (not something happen and someone interpret it as what they writing could have meant) and when it's not something someone can fulfill.

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    poor soul..., may God forgive you of your lack of discernment..!! :((( right now my heart cries out after your lost soul. :((( Jesus is the Messiah and He is God in flesh, He is the long waited promised for all mankind.. there is no other name besides Jesus,no one can answer to any prayers but JESUS..!!! I am talking out of the greatness of Jesus promise my friend.every prayer done in Jesus name are answered. and the peace and joy deep within our being is given freely to those that make Jesus their Lord and Savior of their life. this free gifts cant come without Jesus brother,they just cant be inherited without the Son of God-the true long waited promised Messiah that was promised for all humanity.HE is the word and the word became flesh and He is God manifested, that live among us His creations, you can also look at Genesis and see that God created the universe and everything within,that same God came to live among His chosen people to give them salvation. not just for them but for all humanity. you are twisted in your mind and i believed that you're confuse. there is no other man that complete or fit the prophecies but Jesus Christ. and there will be no other after Jesus. think my brother,think deeper, if everything was man made plan,don't you think that it will not turn out perfect?! man cant be perfect in their ways, only God is perfect and b/c everything turn out as predicted or prophesied about came to reality,. it's not b/c of constant repeats of them but its because its time for them to be manifested. remember,Man cant be perfect,but God's divine plan alone. :))) peace...

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    Then how about the place of his birth, or the method of his execution or any of the other dozens of prophesies that he had no direct control over?

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