Why are some transsexual/transgender people ok with being called "tranny"?

Or referring to themselves as "tranny"? OR..assuming OTHER trans people should be ok with being called "tranny"?

If you choose to refer to yourself that way, that's one thing, but you shouldn't assume other people want to be referred to that way, even if you happen to be trans yourself. At least that's my opinion.


I don't like the reference of "well black people call each other the N word and gay men call each other the F word" either. Because even within a group of like individuals there may be personal perferences, and different levels of what people find offensive. For example, if a black person called Obama the "N" word, do you think Obama might find that offensive? What about other black people thinking the black person that called Obama the "N" word? Do you think they'd find it offensive? Just because people are alike within a group, you can't say that the entire group should try to "take back" a derogatory slur, or that all members would be ok with that, or even would do that to another person within their group.

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    Some claim to be "taking back" the term.

    I always knew it as referring to a transvestite, not a transsexual or a transgender person... so it sort of leaves me with the feeling that they are either ignorant or just trying to gather shock and awe attention from the term, or maybe even to lower their status as a human being so the cis community won't feel threatened by them.

    To me, the only short form that is acceptable when talking to me, about me, or around me, is trans. It's all encompassing (yes yes, some people don't like that, but this is MY preference I am speaking about) term that doesn't carry a derogatory history (as far as I am aware).

    I wouldn't refer to myself, or another with that word. If someone calls me it... they better have an army of supporters behind them cause I can tear you a new one with my vocabulary lessons.

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    4 years ago

    Today in 2015 the word "tranny" is a slur used by people who would otherwise be bigots. ONLY if that person prefers to be called a "tranny" should you call them that -- otherwise, you will permanently for the rest of your life be labeled as a bigot by not only that person, but to everyone around you all...

    So, what do you do ?

    When a person LOOKS female it is because of hormones. When we're born we're basically a shell and until the body is showered with those hormones of either gender we're essentially a shell of a human being. But, by being bathed in those hormones that person takes on the LOOK of male or female. When a person changes gender they have changed the balance of those hormones. Males have testosterone, females have estrogen. We all have varying amounts of either in ALL of our bodies, it's just the balance that determines how much we look female or male. EVERY person in the world who has ever lived is exactly this way...

    So, two men standing beside each other are NOT alike. One is more female than the other and one is more masculine than the other. Nature has a funny way with humans...some males are more feminine than others and some are more masculine than others...this is fact irregardless of our birth sex.

    So if you see a transgender female -- SHE really is female inside...and when you see a transgender male, it is because he has more testosterone in him than female hormones so the LOOKS on the outside are caused by hormonal changes in their bodies.

    The really are chemically who they present themselves to be...if she looks female she is FEMALE...if he looks male it is because is is MALE...full stop.

    The world is changing...change with it or you'll be left behind....

  • Because some Transsexual/Transgender people do not respect themselves, thus they cannot command respect from others. In a nutshell, they lack a sense of personal pride.

    Words alone are harmless.

    It is IDEAS that are dangerous, and some dangerous ideas are readily and intentionally expressed through certain specific words. Hatred and violence often begins with words which lead to actions, so it logically follows that we should interrupt verbal bigotry and prejudice before it escalates to physical.

    Each and every time a person refers to another person by a pejorative term, they are dehumanizing that person, and each and every time we refer to ourselves this way, or allow others to do it, we are dehumanizing ourselves. After awhile, you have a person with no regard for themselves, others, or humanity in general.

    So you see, it's not the word that is offensive, it's the idea that is represented by using the word that is offensive.

    Have you ever had someone get angry and curse you out in a different language that you don't understand? It's an interesting experience, because while you understand the person's intent, without comprehending the actual words, it's hard to react the same as you would were you spoken to in English.

    It's not just sticks and stones that hurt. Words can damage. A lot. It's just not visible damage. I taught martial arts to children for many years, and teaching them how to deal with verbal bullying is one of the most difficult challenges I faced. It's unfair to tell a child to just "ignore" the words, because they don't have an adult ego with it's accompanying confidence and self-esteem to protect them. They still don't know WHO they are, and until a person is able to feel personal pride, it's extremely difficult to evoke the "stand up for yourself" reaction.

    By the time a Transsexual person completes their Transition, they will have acquired a strong sense of personal pride in their now confirmed gender (sometimes for the first time in their lives) and they will naturally want to defend this identity. It is perfectly reasonable and normal to feel offended and disrespected if someone refers to you by a term that invalidates some or all of what you worked so hard for, and achieved.

    So why do some Transsexual people allow themselves to be called "tranny?" Well, here's a clue... a *complete* Transition is one wherein you correct your Transsexualism physically and mentally so that you know you are the gender you feel yourself to be, AND you also get confirmation from the world around you that you are the gender you feel yourself to be. If you don't have both, then chances are you haven't completed your Transition. When someone "settles" for an identity that is something other than "male" or "female", look carefully and see if they've completed their Transition. Do they live, work and socialize full time as a man or woman, or are they known around town as "a transsexual." Do they behave appropriately for their age and gender? Do they sound naturally male or female? Do they present themselves in a plausible, convincing fashion.

    Chances are you will find that those folks who are comfortable with being called "tranny" are the same folks who, for whatever reason, found they couldn't accomplish the true goal of Transition, which is, of course, to get back the gender identity that nature denied you.

    And hey, if you want to be known as a "tranny", that's fine too, but if you decide to live that life, don't expect people to see you as a "man" or "woman." They won't. You will always be a "tranny", and you will always deal with the slings and arrows that accompany a marginalized position in society. I think the vast majority of us who were born Transsexual have too much personal pride to settle for this, especially at a time in history when there are more resources than ever before available to us.

    Frankly, I consider the word "tranny" to be a synonym for the word LAZY.

    Source(s): @ JOHN - "because I never speak to trannies, or notice if I'm spoken to by them." Too true, but you sure love to converse with Transsexual women. I've got the emails to prove it.
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    That term is predominantly from the porn industry like shemale is. It describes transvestites, and other similar types of transgenders. One more reason why a transsexual is not a transgender. This is proof of the different logic involved here.

    Tranny is to a transsexual what skank is to a GG!


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  • 6 years ago

    im a verry cute verry passable fulltime tranny (no im not offended by tranny i acually preffer tranny or woman)or girl i do very very very very well with straight men and i have female identification and i was raised by lesbians that one of witch was a F2M crossdresser tranny sounds more fun than trannsexual a tranny is also a car part lol every guy knows what a tranny is whether its a car part or refering to a transgenderd person lol im 5'6 long brown hair hazel eyes 133lbs a cup **** and im a size 6 by the way and im a cowgirl

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    The reasons are as numerous as the people in question.

    I personally don't refer to myself as a tranny. I refer to myself as a woman. However, the term "tranny" doesn't bother me because I've become desensitized to it.

    It still raises a red flag when someone shouts it at me because it could be a precursor to a physical attack, but I'm confident in my ability to defend myself so all it does is just make me more alert.

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    I personally do not use nor do I like it. I find it insulting and derogatory. There fore I am not about to use it to describe my self or anyone else. If I were talking about you as an example I would simply reefer to you as a guy or a man. If for what ever reason your past came up and it was my place to say something about your past I would say , a man that transitioned,, or a man that was born with transsexualism. I do find the use of Trans Man / Woman acceptable and do use it myself at times but prefer not to.

    As for those that do use it I have found for the most part they are the loud and proud crowd that does not speak for me. I do not need to stand up and shout to the world that I am a trannie and demand equal; rights. For the most part they are the activist that never put the work into transition. It is easier for them to go through life as a loud and proud trannie. They are the ones saying how proud they are of being born with a completely correctable medical condition. Being born with transsexualism is not a blessing to me. I has been the source of so much unhappiness why would I want to embrace it as my identity.

    EDIT: Someone must have decided 4 accounts were not enough. I like even numbers so I hope that unnamed person creates another account

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    10 years ago

    I agree. People should respect the fact that others find the term offensive and refrain from using it. It's one thing to use the word to describe yourself and a completely different thing to call someone else it. I am comfortable with describing myself as a b----h or a s--t, but I would be offended if someone else called me either one.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't mind it in the same way I don't mind f@ggot. It is okay with me as long as there isn't anything malicious behind it.

    It's a word, it doesn't offend me.

  • Koryn
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    10 years ago

    I do not like being referred to as a tranny it is derogatory and insulting, just as much as being called a shemale.

    Source(s): Just A Woman Born With Transsexualism
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