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Are the Dems and MSNBC DESPERATE for amnesty?

I just looked at my DVR from Wednesday and it was completely sickening. It was almost as bad as the day they threw Officer Crowley under the bus. I know MSNBC is owned by General Electric and General Electric has a stake in carbon emission legislation and more Latinos mean a so-called climate change agenda is likely to take place but that does not give them the right to push aside the white working middle class.

The Democrats KNOW that most of America is against amnesty but they want those extra Latino votes so bad they will do anything possible to get them even if that means pushing aside white blue collar and white middle class people. It seems that the Democrats are DESPERATE for bipartisan support on this because they know using reconciliation would cost them the white vote in the Midwest, South, Southwest, and Rocky Mountains.

Chuck Todd did his best to scare Republicans to make amnesty bipartisan by referring to California’s anti-illegal immigration bill in 1994. He and just about everyone on MSNBC tried to make the case that the 1994 bill is why the Republicans have not won in California the last couple of years. That is total lie. The real reason the Republicans have not been able to when in California is because the middle class left the state. This was caused entirely by NAFTA. NAFTA, signed by Bill Clinton, caused manufacturing jobs in California to be out sourced to Mexico causing the blue collar working class to leave. This left California with only rich Hollywood gated community Liberals, rich tech gated community liberals, and poor as dirt minorities who had been educated by an ethnic system of blaming the white man.

Todd was far from the only liar. Next they tried to portray cities that wanted to make English the official language as racist. Later they tried to make the case that because some police wanted Eric Holder to challenge the Arizona law that it proved that most police were against it. What was not mentioned was that many of those police chiefs who spoke to Holder represented SANCTUARY cites (Los Angeles) for illegal immigrants. Police such as those, who are part of the problem, should not be given the right to comment on this issue. Especially when all they are saying is the same lies the Dems have said from the beginning such as the law will lead to racial profiling.

When guys like Ed Schultz,a so-called “meat and potatoes democrat”, supports a bill in congress that will cause Americans working in construction and manufacturing to lose their jobs, the hypocrisy should be obvious.Other liberal groups such as Unions doing the same thing. Am I the only one who see's that the Dems don’t really care about working class people?

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    The democrats must get as much of their radical agenda passed as they can. They know they will be finished after the fall election. Obama will then be a lame duck, enjoying the cameras and playing the part of the HNIC. That is all he ever wanted anyway. Just to play, hey lookit me, I is in charge.

    Democrats have never cared about working people. Like the Communists they revere, they USE working people to get what they want.

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    I won't vote for anybody, in spite of party association, in the event that they help this amnesty invoice. yet i'm going to in no way vote for any Republican back, after witnessing what they have tried to do whilst in ability. So i'm going to probably chop up my vote between anti-amnesty Democrats and vegetables, or Libertarians, or Socialist workers.

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    very interesting and informative. I see who these police chiefs are now... because whatever headway they have supposedly made with the illegal mexican community does not show...NOW THOUGH I JUST LISTENED TO A REPORT THAT TERRORIST LINKED PEOPLE FROM NIGERIA, IRAQ IRAN, SOMALIA, YEMEN... ARE CROSSING THE BORDER IN TRUCKLOADS... ITS ON FILM AND THIS PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS SENT 1200 TROOPS WITH OUT GUNS??? WTF.. LET ME TAKE OVER... I SAY SHOOT TO KILL EVERY SOB THAT EVEN SNIFFS AT THE BORDER. OR DID SOME OF US FORGET 9/11

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