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USMC Reserve, How quick to ship, would I be deployed?

I am 25, have a heart murmur (had a Dr check me out and write a statement saying it should not effect me AT ALL). I have a college degree, great credit, no criminal record, I am in good shape (run everyday). If I wanted to join the USMC reserve for the simple reason of fighting the war on terror, would I be pretty much guaranteed to go to Afghanistan or Iraq? How soon would I ship to basic training?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Whatever you do, deny that you have heart murmur. That could DQ you from enlisting (assuming your not going officer)

    It all depends on the unit you check in to. Being in the USMCR they would station you closer to where you live. Obviously join as 0311 if you enlist or do REALLY well in OSC to get into IOC.

    there is no determinite to deploy unless you know what unit you are going to. There is no guarantee in the military

    Source(s): USMR Sgt.
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