do you know what CCM is?

so i'm going to an audition for a movie, and it says, "Rates discussed, S.A.G. & C.C.M". i know what S.A.G is but what is the C.C.M? thanks

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  • 10 years ago
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    take your pick:

    CCM Contemporary Christian Music

    CCM Critical Care Medicine

    CCM CORBA Component Model

    CCM Chama Cha Mapinduzi (political party, Tanzania)

    CCM Change and Configuration Management

    CCM County College of Morris (New Jersey)

    CCM Certified Consulting Meteorologist

    CCM Christian Contemporary Music

    CCM Cisco Call Manager

    CCM Counter with CBC-MAC

    CCM Continuous Conduction Mode

    CCM Customer Communications Management

    CCM Certified Case Manager

    CCM Change Configuration Management

    CCM Concerned Citizens Movement (Saint Kitts and Nevis)

    CCM Community Climate Model

    CCM Certified Cash Manager

    CCM Center for Composite Materials

    CCM Certified Construction Manager (Construction Management Association of America)

    CCM Cerebral Cavernous Malformations

    CCM Certified Club Manager (Club Managers Association of America)

    CCM Calcium Citrate Malate (dietary calcium supplement)

    CCM Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

    CCM Comitato Collaborazione Medica

    CCM Credentialed Career Master

    CCM Cubic Centimeter

    CCM Chemical Company of Malaysia

    CCM Command Chief Master Sergeant (USAF)

    CCM Collector's Choice Music (music retailer and record label)

    CCM Continuous Current Mode

    CCM Capital Children's Museum (Washington, DC)

    CCM Consortium for Conservation Medicine

    CCM Continuous Casting Machine (metallurgy)

    CCM Communications in Contemporary Mathematics

    CCM Called to Common Mission

    CCM Carbon Concentrating Mechanism

    CCM Call Control Manager

    CCM Central Control Module (automotive)

    CCM Comprehensive Case Management

    CCM Chinese Christian Mission

    CCM Chemical Cleavage of Mismatch

    CCM Constant Coding and Modulation

    CCM Centro de Control de Motores

    CCM Canadian Children's Museum

    CCM Coupled Cluster Method (mathematical technique)

    CCM Canada Cycle & Motor (hockey equipment manufacturer)

    CCM Client Connection Manager (Microsoft)

    CCM Clinical Case Manager (insurance carriers)

    CCM Computational Chemistry and Materials Science

    CCM Cross Cultural Ministries

    CCM Center for Conflict Management

    CCM California Citrus Mutual

    CCM Critical Chain Management (project management methodology)

    CCM Custom Computing Machine

    CCM Conceptual Change Model

    CCM Customer Contact Manager

    CCM Canadian College of Microbiologists (Collège Canadien des Microbiologistes)

    CCM Chesapeake Children's Museum

    CCM Concurrency Control Mechanism

    CCM Clinical Care Manager (insurance carriers)

    CCM Center for Countermeasures

    CCM Clews Competition Motorcycles

    CCM Contiguous Connection Model

    CCM Community Corrections Manager (US Bureau of Prisons)

    CCM Cross-Country Movement

    CCM Certified Continuity Manager

    CCM Cross Country Mobility

    CCM Comprehensive Client Manager (ON Command)

    CCM Calvary Chapel Murrieta

    CCM Country Coordinated Mechanism

    CCM Center for Case Management, Inc.

    CCM Certified Care Manager (gerontology)

    CCM Conditioned Culture Medium

    CCM Circuit (Supervision) Message (ITU-T)

    CCM Converged Call Management (NextStep Networks)

    CCM Counter-Counter Measure

    CCM Construction Claims Monthly

    CCM Cost Center Manager

    CCM Continuous Customer Management

    CCM Cross-Correlation Matrix

    CCM Conventional Cruise Missile

    CCM Controlled Carrier Modulation

    CCM Center for Crisis Management

    CCM Centre de Commutation du Service Mobile (French)

    CCM Conference of Commonwealth Meteorologists (UK)

    CCM Crew/Cargo Module

    CCM Call Connection Management

    CCM Constrained Constant Modulus

    CCM Connecticut Council of Masajid

    CCM Command Country Manager

    CCM Carrier Controlled Modulation

    CCM Complex Coordinate Method

    CCM Channel Cost Metric

    CCM Customer Change Management

    CCM Constant Correlation Model

    CCM Corporate Case Management

    CCM Common Channel Module

    CCM Communications Controller Multichannel

    CCM Community of College Ministers

    CCM Configuration Control Model

    CCM Common Channel Manager

    CCM Cross-Connect Map (Alcatel)

    CCM Clutter Covariance Matrix

    CCM Communications Code Matrix

    CCM Circumcenter Method

    CCM Computer Containment Module

    CCM Circulate and Condition Mud (Oil & Gas Drilling)

    CCM Control Command Module

    CCM Communications Control Mode

    CCM CINC COP Manager (GCCS)

    CCM CATIA Configuration Management

    CCM Control Coordination Message

    CCM Coordination Control Member

    CCM Circuit Card Module

    CCM Commercial Communication Manager

    CCM Command Center Maintenance

    CCM Configuration Control Manual

    CCM Cycler Control Module

    CCM Computer Controlled Message

    CCM Connect Control Manager (Sprint)

    CCM Common Capability Model

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