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Can anyone tell me why the Mexican League does not buy European or African players?

I am just curious because I know they use to buy players from La Liga at one point, but why don't they attempt to buy some European or African players, why always South and central America. I think that if different players from different regions play in the league it will only help the Mexican players develop better since so few leave the league anyway.

This is a sincere question so I would appreciate a good answer.


Can you please elaborate, I was not aware that they have African or European players. Can you name them?

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    They DO have players from all over the world but I would say 95% are from Latino America.

    Reason why is because Europe has the best teams and the best camps for soccer players to develop into great players. I don't see why some players that don't speak Spanish would go to Mexico to play when there are plenty of teams that would train them in Europe. A lot of players from South America go to FMF because its the best League in maybe all America(south and north). Then they get noticed by European and National Selections.

    Plus, everyone wants to go to Europe to play for teams there even Mexican players.

    Edit: make that 99% from Latino America. there is only on European player - Alen Škoro

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    Well someone here said that there is better leagues over there already.

    I wanted to add that maybe it's not that the mexican league doesn't want to bring them, it's more that the good players don't want to go to mexico because the level is not as great as that of European football.

    Also I have said this over and over in my answers, Mexico needs to start producing players of their own and stop importing because see you bring a dude from Argentina and he ends up taking a spot that a Mexican player used to have so now you have another mexican player with no activity and you give mexican players less chances and playing time and therefore they are unable to develop.

  • Pavel
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    They are too expensive and Mexico is already in the process of trying to restrict foreign players playing in the Mexican leagues because it is their belief that signing foreing players hinders the progress of home grown Mexican talent. For example, what has America accomplished in the last 8 years signing foreign talent? Why hasn't America's Mexican players been transferred to Europe. On the other hand, Chivas has exported numerous talents to Europe and has done it by investing in home grown talent and not signing foreigners. Sure Chivas is starting to see the fruits of their labor this year and losing Hernandez to Manchester United hurt the tournament chances, but they have had amazing success in the torneo clausura while fielding home grown talent. Hope this answers your question.

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    The MLS only gets players from europe who allready have passed their prime. Some former stars retire in the MLS because they know they would no longer play in a european top team. Sorry but europe is where all the money is made in football.

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    i think its because its very expensive and i would like to see mexico invest in players from the caribbean because if you want the speed from all those african players look no further than the caribbean. seriously look at the lineups when they run track, most of those dudes are from either jamaica, trinidad and tobago, and the remaining two or three spots go the the united states, canada, and/or great britain.

    the only african player i can name right now is alain nkong, who was champion with atlante.

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    My face -.-

    They have Africans, South Americans, North Americans, and some Europeans in the league.

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    alan kong or howerver you spell it is from cameroon

    i dont know and some teams dont or ever have had black players on their teams like chivas

    and a long time ago they had spanish players but it must have been because they escpaed spain when fransico franco was there

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    I think that the biggest thing is that most of the Mexican league teams can't afford to pay the transfer fees to most European leagues. The big time European leagues teams are able to pay the big money transfers to the best players in the Mexican league though

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    N'Kong played for Indios last season and is from camaroon, like billy said.

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    Dude there's one in Monterrey and Atlante and we don't need European players European teams need us.

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