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If there was a one on one tournament between 32 of the top players who would win it all?

The tournament works like this: Two players battle it out one on one, a neutral goalie is in the net, and the play takes place in one zone. To take possesion, the defending palyer must first take the puck out past the blue line before he can score. Whoever scores the most goals in 5 minutes wins and advances to the next round. Single elimination. If they held something like this, who would win the tournament?


I say Pavel Datsyuk. In all that open ice noone would be able to handle his dekes.

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    I could see Kovalchuk or Nash coming through with the win. I can also see Drew Doughty fairing well in this. It's a one on one, and he is a good defenseman who could steal the puck away from the opponent. And when a guy can score like this:

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    I can see them doing well in this.

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    Yeah, but I think that the reason they have owned the majors is because of their mental fortitude. Just look at how they play. When the chips are down, they put their best foot forward. Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer do not back down when push comes to shove. Especially in Grand Slams (where it's 3/5 not 2/3) they know they can gamble with their games. For everyone else--Murray included--there is a discrepency between their mental game and their tennis. They are too timid. Take Murray, for example. The way he plays makes you think, "how does this guy not have a major yet?" Then, when the set gets tight, all of a sudden he's pushing like Caroline and you think, "how could I think that this guy could possibly win a major?" Let's use the 2009 US Open to hit the point home. Federer almost had that final won. But then he started missing first serves and what does Del Potro do? He pounces. He uses the forehand to capitalize on his oppurtunity. 100mph forehand here and there--and bam! US Open champion. The major titles will continue to be untouchable as long as Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer are around. To beat one of them is already a mental marathon. But two in a row? No way.

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    You could likely do it 10 times over and have 10 different winners.

    Datsyuk has not being the best of finishers. What good is it with his "dekes" if he can't finish with a goal? Dekes are for kids.

    The closest thing I have seen is where the NHL (Hockey Night In Canada I think) used to have these 3 on 3 outdoor tournaments and air them on Saturday nights. I thought the teams that did better were the ones that you wouldn't necessarily think would. Check that....the closest thing I have seen is it actually done but it is a poor gauge because it was Claude Lemieux vs. nobody's in that Pros vs Joes show.

    I think hard work and endurance would be the key more that your fancypants dekes and that would likley give the edge to someone like Crosby or Cammalerri...maybe a St.Louis type for winning the races to the puck.

    As I said though......10x= 10 winners there cupcake.

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    Id say Pavel Datsyuk or Toews. Mostly because they are strong offensive and very solid defensively. Pavel I think has the advantage on this one but I could see this being the finals.

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    thisx would be very interesting if it were to happen.. I'd actually choose Kovalchuk.. the only thing is the players would be so exhausted being out there five mins straight..

    Cubbie- how can u say Toews would face H. sedin in the final? what if they play each other in the first or second round... then they wouldnt meet in the finals.. depends how they're placed

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    I personally think that Crosby would win it all... he's a really well-rounded player, scores a lot of goals and is an excellent play maker.

  • You can make an argument for so many people. I would say that the finals would be Johnathon Toews versus Henrik Sedin with Toews coming out on top.

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    Id have my money on ovechkin... just b/c he takes sooooo many shots on goal im thinking thats gunna help on 1 on 1

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    On their best day, or worse? What shows on paper, or their physical game too?

    Crosby definitely wouldn't take it, he isn't physical enough, and needs his guys defending him.

    Alexander "The Great" is definitely just a guy out there that has fun with every bit of the game, and is a great player...but 1:1 game? Toews and Kane have been awesome this post season.

    GO Hawks!

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