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What do you think about these combinations +BNG?

Charlotte Faith

Hannah Joy

Abigail Grace

Sofiya Hope

Ethan James

Andrew Thomas

Ryan Michael

Nathaniel Shaun

Comment, Rate, Suggest. Anything is welcome.

BNG: Make names out of these initials. (They are a mix of my family members and friends, male and female)





















None of the names are repeated at all, so if there are for example 3 J's that is three different names not all the same name.

Please answer the top first. Hope you enjoy.

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    My thoughts:-

    Charlotte Faith - I love the name Charlotte it's so pretty and features constantly on my forever changing favourite name list which is quite a compliment for that name. Faith is adorable middle name and Charlotte Faith sounds so pretty together really romantic too.

    Hannah Joy - This name is fine I mean I'm not a great fan of Hannah I feel this classic is so over-used and begining to become so unoriginal it's worse than Jennifer on that front I feel. Joy is a lovely cute middle name maybe for a slight twist Joy Hannah?

    Abigail Grace - I despise the name Abigail it's awful Abi/Abby/Abbey is a nice name however I dislike the gail part of this classic it's sounds really dated and harsh. I think Grace is lovely though really pretty name maybe Grace Abigail?

    Sofiya Hope - This name sounds adorable and really classy the classics flow together lovely and Hope is an interesting twist on the usual virtue middle names I like the wholesome feel of this name too it's really pretty also the whole meaning would be 'wisdom hope' which is great. However your spelling of Sophia is awful so trashy please use SOPHIA so much prettier.


    Ethan James - I like the name Ethan it's really strong with a great American appeal I like the fact that the name ages well however has a great youthful vibe it reminds me of a strong Southern American man the name is HOT. James is a lovely classic and sounds awesome with Ethan.

    Andrew Thomas - I like both the names Andrew and Thomas but not my favourite on the list the combination is slightly dated. Maybe Thomas Andrew would make the combination less stuck in the 90s.

    Ryan Michael - I love the name Ryan it's a really fabolous Irish name and has a really strong feel to the classic. Ryan is a favourite of mine and sounds gorgeous with the name Michael. Ryan meaning little king is such a strong sexy name love it and Michael adds a touch of class.

    Nathaniel Shaun - I like the name Nathaniel it's gorgeous really handsome with a great meaning of 'god's gift' however Shaun sounds really dated I like Nathaniel Sean the best it sounds great like that. I love the nickname Nate for Nathaniel.

    YAY BNG!

    Penelope Thersea

    Sarah Tiana

    Alyssa Lillian

    Katherine Carolina

    Serenity Daisy

    Annabel Lila

    Kate Catalina

    Serena Dianne

    Alicia Laurel

    Rachel Donna

    Robin Jasmine

    Eleanor Jane


    Samuel Robert

    Samson Victor

    Isaac Jayden

    Edward James

    Jackson Dean

    Michael Cameron

    Archie John

    Porter Timothy

    Sonny Trenton

    Hope this helped!

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    1 decade ago

    Charlotte Faith- 9/10

    Hannah Joy- 7/10

    Abigail Grace- 10/10

    Sofiya Hope- 8/10. I prefer you take out the extra "y". It doesnt look good with the rest of the names.

    Sofia or Sophia is much better.

    Ethan James- 9/10

    Andrew Thomas- 7/10

    Ryan Michael- 10/10

    Nathaniel Shaun- 8/10. I prefer the spelling Sean, the spelling Shaun looks kinda weird.


    P T- Penelope Teresa

    S T- Savannah Taylor

    A L- Aimee Lorraine

    K C- Karina Charlotte

    S D- Sophia Danielle

    A L- Annabel Leighton

    R D- Rhianna Delilah

    R J- Riley Jane

    E J- Eva Julianne


    S R- Sean Robert

    S V- Shane Vincent

    I J- Isaac Joseph

    E J- Elliott Jared

    J D- Jeremiah Davis

    M C- Miles Christopher

    A J- Aaron James

    P T- Preston Thomas

    S T- Samuel Tyler

  • Girls:

    - Charlotte Faith ~ It's alright. Charlotte is lovely but I'm not keen on Faith. I find it quite tacky to be honest. Charlotte is one of my favourite girls names.

    - Hannah Joy ~ Beautiful. It's sweet and feminine. A great name for a female of all ages.

    - Abigail Grace ~ It's ok. Abigail is nice. Grace is overused and boring as a middle name. I prefer it as a first name. Grace Abigail is quite nice.

    - Sofiya Hope ~ What is with the tacky spelling of Sophia? Hope is horrible. It's as tacky as Faith in my opinion.


    - Ethan James ~ Good boys name. It's handsome and masculine. I like Ethan but I love James. It's a wonderful boys name.

    - Andrew Thomas ~ Another great boys name. It's a wonderful, classic boys name.

    - Ryan Michael ~ Fantastic! Ryan Michael is lovely. I really like it.

    - Nathaniel Shaun ~ Nice name. The only change I would make is the spelling Shaun. I think Seán which is the correct spelling is much nicer. I love Nathaniel Seán. It's handsome, masculine and wonderful for a male of all ages.

    My 2 favourites are Hannah Joy and Nathaniel Seán/Shaun.



    Pearl Theresa

    Saoirse Tara

    Amelia Lauren

    Kate Charlotte

    Sophia Danielle

    Anna Louise

    Rebecca Dawn

    Rosalie Janae

    Eve Jessica


    Sebastian Ray

    Seth Vincent

    Iain James

    Evander Jason

    Joshua Dean

    Matthew Ciarán

    Alexander Jack

    Patrick Thomas

    Seán Theodore

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    Charlotte Faith - Nice. Very original and a "safe" name. Has a wonderful array of nicknames, too! 8/10

    Hannah Joy - I love the name Hannah, but wouldn't use "Joy" with it, sorry. 7/10

    Abigail Grace - Love it! 9/10

    Sofiya Hope - Eh. Love the way it sounds, but not the way it's spelt. I would go with Sophia or Sofia, not "Sofiya". Sorry. I also prefer Sophia Renee to Sophia Hope, but Hope is nice. 6/10.

    Ethan James - Ethan has been becoming quite popular lately, but it just hasn't grown on me. Love James, though! 7/10.

    Andrew Thomas - I like it, but I don't love it. But, if I had to go with it, I would nickname him "Drew", not "Andy". 8/10.

    Ryan Michael - Very nice and classic. You can't go wrong with this! 8/10.

    Nathaniel Shaun - I prefer Nathan to Nathaniel. And I prefer Sean or Shawn to Shaun. 6/10.



    P T - Paige Thalia.

    S T - Stephanie Tasha.

    A L - Alexandra Lauren.

    K C - Katelyn Cassidy.

    S D - Samantha Danielle.

    A L - Allison Laura.

    R D - Renee Deandra.

    R J - Rhonda Jo.

    E J - Elizabeth Jordan.


    S R - Stephen Robert.

    S V - Samuel Vincent.

    I J - Isaac Jacob.

    E J - Edward John.

    J D - James Dawson.

    M C - Michael Carson.

    A J - Alan Jay.

    P T - Patrick Timothy.

    S T - Seth Thomas.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Charlotte Faith. I don't like Hannah Joy. I like Abigail Grace. I don't like Sofiya Hope.

    I like Ethan James. I like Andrew Thomas. I ilke Ryan Michael. I don't like Nathaniel Shaun.

    Piper Tessa

    Sasha Tatiana

    Alexandra Lily

    Kaitlin Clarisse

    Selena Darcy

    Aurelia Lucy

    Rose Delilah

    Rachel Jane

    Elizabeth Jemma

    Steven Roman

    Sirius Vincent

    Isaac James

    Edward Jason

    Johnathan Derek

    Michael Carter

    Alexander John

    Pierce Thomas

    Samuel Troy

  • 1 decade ago

    There cute, I like Sophia or Sofia not the way you spelled it.


    Piper Trinity

    Savannah Taylor

    Alexis Leigh

    Karissa Claire

    Sage Daphne

    Arabella Lillian

    Riley Dakota

    Ruby Jordana

    Eden Jocelyn


    Sebastian Rowan

    Simon Vincent

    Ian James

    Evan Jackson

    Jayden Daniel

    Mason Charles

    Axel John

    Peter Timothy

    Seth Tierany

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Layla Jade Caitlyn Riley Adrianna Rose Marissa Amber Alexandria Lilly Lilly Catherine Jude Alexander Samuel Chase Adam Chase Tristian Jude Samuel Dylan Caleb Alexander Jesse caleb

  • AB
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    1 decade ago

    I love the mjority of your names. The only one I don't like is Andrew Thomas, and I prefer the spelling Sean to Shaun. That's just me being fussy though!


    Phoebe Theresa

    Stephanie Tanya

    Amelia Louise

    Kelsey Catherine

    Sophia Delaney

    Ava Liseth

    Rebecca Danielle

    Rachel Jessica

    Emma Jane


    Simon Ross

    Steven Victor

    Ian John

    Eric James

    Joshua David

    Michael Connor

    Anthony James

    Peter Thomas

    Samuel Tristan

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    Charlotte Faith- love it!! 10/10

    Hannah Joy- reminds me of jon and kate +8. i like it though. 8/10

    Abigail Grace- its ok. i like Abigail Jane more though. 6/10

    Sofiya Hope- i love unique spellings :) 7/10

    Ethan James- i dont like ethan. sorry. 5/10

    Andrew thomas- loveeee 1000/10

    Ryan Michael- loveee this too 10000/10

    Nathaniel Shaun- i like Nathaniel as a middle name. maybe Matthew Nathaniel? 5/10

    Payton Taylor

    Siobhan (Shi-von) Tylie

    Arleigh Lynne

    Karsyn Carrie

    Savannah Danielle

    Ashlei Lauren

    Rowan Danielle

    Ryleigh Jayne

    Eislynn (EYES- lynn) Jayde

    Sam Richard

    Steven Vincent

    Ian Joseph

    Eli James

    Jayden Daniel

    Michael Cameron

    Anthony Jordan

    Patrick Thomas

    Seth Tyler

  • 1 decade ago

    Charlotte Faith - I think these sound great together, not my personal choice of names but they flow. 7/10

    Hannah Joy - I don't like Joy, and Hannah is too overused where I live, but they go together nicely. 6/10

    Abigail Grace - This is a lovely name, again not my names but they sound very cute and feminine, and would grow up well I think. 8/10

    Sofiya Hope - I don't like Sophia/Sofia spelled like this, unless it is pronounced Sof-i-ya rather than Sof-ee-ya. I hate Hope, but I really like them combined actually. It's lovely. 8/10.

    Ethan James - I love James but am not too keen on Ethan. However, it flows really nicely and is very masculine. 8/10

    Andrew Thomas - Very boring and popular names in my opinion, but they go OK together. 6/10

    Ryan Michael - I don't like this at all really, and I don;t think it flows. 4/10 (Sorry!)

    Nathaniel Shaun - I LOVE Nathaniel, but I dislike Shaun. However they go really well together, so it sounds good, and would grow up well. 9/10


    P T - Pauliana Tillie

    S T - Sofia Tatiana

    A L - Alexandra Lea

    K C - Kaitlin Carla

    S D - Susanna Dominique

    A L - Alessandra Lila

    R D - Renee Darcie

    R J - Rachel Jennifer

    E J - Elizabeth Jasmine


    S R - Stephen Ross

    S V - Simon Vincent

    I J - Isaac James

    E J - Elijah Jacob

    J D - James David

    M C - Marcus Christopher

    A J - Adam Jacob

    P T - Peter Thomas

    S T - Stuart Timothy

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