Why is seductive or sexual attire/shows/life okay?

A little background: I have been avidly against the sexualization of our generation for many, many reasons (good, not religious). However, I'd really like to hear sound opposing views as to why living like this is okay or even beneficial?

To give you an example: We don't watch television because there is always ALWAYS something dirty on (men or women) and it just makes us uncomfortable. Sure we're human and we realize we're meant to like that type of stuff, but the way we see it: everything negative we go through somehow stems off of sex. So by eliminating those sources we haven't had ANY issues. Pretty much we're preventing issues.

I'd like to be more open and understand how others really view this. I don't want some men just yelling "we love boobs, let us see boobs!" because that's not very well thought out. So any real insight for the opposing team?


Great point. But do adults NEED adult things, or is it just a guilty pleasure that causes more issues?

Update 2:

You're opening my eyes. Love the add. info.

But some 'treats' are very unhealthy and we're in a constant battle now to rid ourselves of them. So could sexual openness be one? You can't really have too much Mozart. But the boob lover might be wifeless pretty soon and have a few illegitimate kids. I guess moderation would apply here.

Update 3:

You're opening my eyes. Love the add. info.

But some 'treats' are very unhealthy and we're in a constant battle now to rid ourselves of them. So could sexual openness be one? You can't really have too much Mozart. But the boob lover might be wifeless pretty soon and have a few illegitimate kids. I guess moderation would apply here.

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    10 years ago
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    I stopped watching TV for that reason - it's way too sexualized.

    Even news reporters show cleavage.

    And I love cleavage! However I'm single, so what good of it?

    I respect your view a lot. My faith (Islam) agrees about this - modesty is good.

    Because the young man has intense desires, and if that is channeled into lust then usually bad things ensue. But if he sublimates that desire into good, he can do good.

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    10 years ago

    I don't completely disagree with you

    There is a big difference between nudity and sexuality. I think that line is far more sharply defined than it needs to be in North America. Europe gets it...they're not afraid of the human body like Americans are. In the US, "clean" and "dirty" are rigidly juxtaposed; there are censorship rules in place that prevent any kind of nudity before a certain time of night. I find fault with that, though, because it lumps all forms of nudity together (furthermore, it lumps them all together under the label of "Bad stuff, protect your child's virgin eyes from naked humans!")

    I don't think we need to hide artistic or otherwise non-sexualized nudity to the extent that we do on this continent. Children aren't going to scarred by seeing nude people; it's not "adult material", it's just nature. Am I saying we should let our kids watch hard sex scenes? No, not at all. I'm saying there is room to allow for non-sexual nudity during daytime TV hours, as well as the "after 10pm" sex shows.

    It's about how "sex" is portrayed as well. There are tasteful expressions of love, and there are pornos. One is child safe, the other is not.

    There is also a HUGE element of hypocrisy that I'd like to touch on. As I mentioned above, North America is a lot more conservative than Europe (and even Canada in a lot of ways. I'm generalizing, of course.) To answer your question, yes, adults DO need sex. It's hardwired into our biology. It's not necessary in the same sense as oxygen and water of course, but it's an instinctive urge that cannot be ignored. When that urge is suppressed, bad things happen (ie. Priests and alterboys). All of the people responsible for maintaining censorship on things deemed too sexual go home at night and jerk off just like everyone else. I promise you that.

    Sex creates problems because humans are too smart. Literally every single problem in our civilization, sex-related or not, stems from the fact that we're too intelligent for our own good. When is the last time you saw a dog eat a tub of ice cream after a bad breakup, or a gazelle fight the urge to call that girl he met at the bar last night and break the "2 day rule"? There are very few species that form long-term relationships; normally, nature's mandate is a simple two step process: 1) Attract a mate, 2) Make babies. Repeat every year with whatever mate is nearby until death. Naturally, animals are sort of skanky. It's just that humans have giant brains, and we managed to indoctrinate ourselves with cultural moral systems that look down upon promiscuity. We have the natural urge for sex like any other animal, but also the culturally constructed urge to form long-term pair bonds. The conflict at the heart of your question is the conflict between those 2 elements.

    So I guess my point with all this is simply to say that:

    1) We don't need to shelter our children from boobies. Hide the porn, but showing them nude human forms and expressions of love isn't going to scar them.

    2) Humans are messed up. Our problems are self-created, and yet they are unfixable because we can't change our traditions. Not easily, anyway. The trend towards sexualization is, I believe, intimately tied to the trend towards commercialization/consumerism; marketers know that we like sex, so that's what they give us.

  • It is an unrealistic stereotype that most TV shows portray. The only rational I have is the old adage "Sex Sells". Don't get me wrong I am a red blooded American and I like to see pretty females, but the true down fall is the examples that social society is placing on our younger generation, to be scantly dressed and to act undignified.

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    My argument would simply be that adults ought to be able to enjoy adult things (esp. sexual things) if they so choose. Why treat us all like children?

    We 'need' adult things in the same kind of way that we 'need' tasty food, literature, movies, music and a myriad other things - i.e. we could live without them if we had to, and just have a very basic existence, but it wouldn't be much fun, and what would be achieved? If it's OK to satisfy our desire for those things then I don't see any reason why it would not be OK to satisfy our desire for sexual things too.

    If Fred enjoys boobs and George enjoys Mozart, why aren't both of those things legitimate interests for adults? I don't see why it should be OK to enjoy one but not the other.

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  • 10 years ago

    im 15 and there's alot of sex brought up but i don't think its too big of a deal you need to be open talking about it and some people do take it over the edge but it's not beneficial in any way like you said other than having kids but who doesn't enjoy sex it's for fun a lot and it shouldn't be abused but not frowned upon

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