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chris asked in SportsBasketball · 1 decade ago

2010 NBA Free Agency?

Who is going where,

What if ether james, wade or johnson all ended up together or even in the same division

What are your thoughts

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow, what is up w/ these answers, some of these guys are going to stay put.

    Dirk is staying in Dallas, their already having negotiations, he's probably gonna take a small pay cut so they have room to bring in another all-star caliber player.

    LeBron is going to wait to see what other players do. If Bosh or Wade go to either Chicago, New York or NJ, look for LeBron to join them. If they don't and they go to another team or stay put, I believe LBJ will stay in Cleveland, pending the coach they hire.

    If the Suns lose and don't make it to the Finals, I beleieve Amare will leave.

    Joe Johnson is all but gone in ATL, I believe he will definetley be leaving but don't know where.

    Carlos Boozer could go to Chicago or some other place with enough cap space, but I don't see a Boozer-LBJ reunion happening.

    The team to watch in free agency will be the NJ Nets, they are about $4-5 mil away from being able to sign 2 max contracts. It has been said that are trying to shop their #3 overall pick around and some players in order to free cap space. They have a lot of young pieces (Brook Lopez, Courteney Lee, and Devin Harris) to build around that any of the free agents could find enticing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The first guy is a fool. Chicago only has room for ONE Max Player. I say they bring in Carlose Boozer

    Chicago has 30 commited right? wats 50-30? 20 you jackass

    BTW Their not gonna drop all there players and be left with SIX And another thing a Max contract for Lebron and Wade would be 33.6 mil which they dont have. Bosh would be 14 so they would be so Boshand James or Wade would STILL be too much as that would be 30 mil. idiot

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bosh going For Lakers

    Gasol Might going for Raptors

    Nowitzki Going for suns and reunite with Nash

    Lebron Going For Heat

    Johnson might going for Clippers (I Think)

    Wade Going For Bulls

    Parker Going For Knicks

    Amar'e Might Going For Mavericks

    and Boozer Might Going For Bulls

    Source(s): I Guess you have to wait until offseason
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  • 1 decade ago

    knicks and Chicago will go for lebron, bosh, wade, Nowitzki and johnson. chicago will get a couple becuase of the cap room and the talen they already have

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