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Why does the Minnesota Twins baseball team logo have a "C" on it and not an "M"?

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    It stands for "Twin Cities," which is the nickname for the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area.

    When the Minnesota Twins first came to Minnesota in 1961 (they were originally the Washington Senators), they were going to be called the Minneapolis Twins. However, there was a big rivalry between Minnesota's largest city, Minneapolis, and the state capital, Saint Paul. The Minneapolis Lakers basketball team had been unable to draw enough fans to the games (and they had to move to L.A.), and some people said this was because St. Paul residents didn't want to support Minneapolis teams.

    To get around this problem, they named the team the Minnesota Twins, even though they were the first team to be named after a whole state instead of a city. That way, people from St. Paul could feel like it was their team too.

    They put TC on the caps instead of M because they didn't want people to think the M stood for Minneapolis. TC represented both cities equally.

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    Twins Baseball Logo

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    It stands for the eponymous Twin Cities -- Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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    It has a T and a C.. for Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

    Occasionally (I think) they have an M hat. They may have retired those though.

    I don't really notice what hat's they are wearing every game.

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    The T C stands for Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul).

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    It is because twin city is for both cities.

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    twin cities, they do have an alternative M hat that they wear sometimes

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