What are the best PS1 games for kids?

I bought a PS1 for a rare game I wanted to play. Now I want to find more games for my 8 and 9 year old nieces to play. They are video game novices so it has to be easy. They love the Lego games for ps2. Any great ps1 games they would like?

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    the ones i liked when i was little where

    Activision Classics

    Agent Armstrong

    Aladdin - Nasiras Revenge

    Atlantis the Lost Empire

    Arm men

    Baby Universe

    Bubble Bobble

    Burstrick Wakeboarding

    Bust a Groove (POP)

    Bust a Move (POP)

    Bust a Move 3 (POP)

    Bust a Move 4 (POP)

    Buster Bros Collection

    Buzz Lightyear

    Casper (POP)

    Chicken Run

    chocobo raceing

    chocobo dungeon 2

    Crash Bandicoot

    Crash Bandicoot 2

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

    Crash Bash


    Croc 2

    digimon world

    digimon world 2

    digimon world 3

    digimon rumble

    Disney Magic Racing

    Disneys Dinosaur

    Disneys Mulan

    Disneys Tarzan

    Donald Duck Quack Attack

    Emperors New Groove

    Extreme Pinball

    final fantasy

    Flinstones Bedrock Bowling


    Fox Kids Micro Maniacs Racing


    Goofys Fun House

    Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (POP)

    Hyper 3D Pinball

    Jungle Book Groove Party

    lego racers

    lego rock raiders

    Lion King - Simbas Adventure

    Mega Man X5

    Mickeys Wild Adventure

    Micro Machines V3

    Micro Maniacs

    Ms Pacman Maze Madness


    Muppet Moster Adventure

    Muppet Race Mania

    Parappa the Rappa

    Pet in TV

    Point Blank 3

    Power Diggerz

    Pro Pinball - the web

    Rat Attack


    Rayman 2

    RC Revolt

    Rosco McQueen

    Rugrats Studio Tour

    Simpsons Wrestling

    Smurf Racer

    Speed Freaks

    Speed Punks

    Spice World

    Spyro the Dragon

    Spyro the Dragon 2

    Spyro Year of the Dragon

    sponge bob

    Super Puzzle Fighter 2


    Team Losi RC Racer

    Tetris 3D

    The Lion King - Simbas Adventure

    Theme park


    tome raider

    Tom and Jerry - House Trap

    Toy Story 2

    Toy Story Racer

    twisted metal

    True Pinball

    Um Jammer Lammy

    Wacky Races

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    Best Ps1 Games

  • 4 years ago

    Top Ps1 Games

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    ok FF9 is fun and they can play with each other by 2 player

    message me if you cant to know how to play 2 players.

    Crash bash,test drives, crash banicut, find a arcade atarie colection,

    oh get some lego games for ps2 games if that what they like

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    ahh yes the legend of the play station one.. some say it existed other say its just a story we will probably never know but one thing we can be shore of is that if anyone does remeber games from ps1 they probably were out of contorl cool ones that you wouldnt want your nieces playing.

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    Final Fantasy.

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    even tho lil kids deserve better than ps1,lol, im guessing spyro, crash bandicoot, and others like testdrive 4,5,and 6.

  • 1 decade ago

    also try Lara Croft Tomb Rider. its really fun and exiting to play

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