How can the government reconcile and resolve different opinions and beliefs about the law in Arizona?

what will be some ways to reconcile and resolve different opinions and beliefs about the law in Arizona regarding verification of legal status?

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    10 years ago
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    There's nothing "different" about the new Arizona law. The law pretty much repeats, almost word for word, the regulations in the federal immigration laws. The Arizona law (which your should read carefully, by the way, unlike the President, the Attorney General and the head of Homeland Security, none of whom have read it at all so far) is very carefully worded to prevent "profiling" and to not "step on the toes" of Federal regulation regarding illegals. In fact, the processing of detained illegal immigrants is still the final responsibility of the Federal government.

    All Arizona is doing is providing some state regulations that spell out the requirements, conditions and penalties. That state, along with all the southern border states, are under siege from immigrants coming across. The crime problems have become unbearable in some areas, and the Federal authorities have done little or nothing to help.

    The thing that really kills me is to listen to DHS director Janet Napolitano about this...she was the governor there for a number of years, and she did NOTHING about the problem. Was she in a coma while in office?

  • 3 years ago

    Honestly its a well factor and a foul factor. Reason is in view that they needed to do whatever in Arizona approximately those illegals. Other rationale is it might provide the police or permit them to abuse their authority. This might have certainly not occurred had those persons making all this cash those corrupt politicians in wash the government a long time in the past to now performed whatever to preserve and cozy or borders. If your right here unlawful you broke a legislation why must any individual consider sorry for anybody who broke the legislation. Especially to the persons who got here right here and did it the correct authorized approach its a slap of their face. But the government has certainly not performed whatever approximately it in view that they're afraid to lose hispanic votes. From the correct to the left to Obama what a comic story and a circus washington has grow to be the media is exposing them for what those majority of them are trash!

  • Oscar
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    10 years ago

    They can't. Only the people who hold those beliefs and opinions can do that. And they don't want to.

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