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Is Strasbourg in France is worh Visiting?

We are visiting Germany for a 9 days including Baden Baden and I found that Strasbourg is very close to it and thinking of spending a night there. Do you think it is worth visiting and how long would you suggest of staying in Strasbourg? Our schedule is tight and we only want to go to the best places in the region.

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    Yes it is. Strasbourg is a stunning city with a character of its own and a splendid Gothic cathedral which is one of the most beautiful of the kind. It also has a medieval quarter called Petite France which is heartbreakingly pretty, bordering small canals, and splendid architecture in its centre. Not only is it the capital of Alsace but it is one of the headquarters of the European Union (the other two being the capitals of Luxembourg and Belgium) and equal in standing. The region is superb with vineyards, dense forests, fantastic castles and the kind of traditional villages like Riquewhir that inspired some of the best loved Walt Disney cartoons.

    Strasbourg was so much valued by Hitler that he ordered it to be preserved and protected at any cost and it was totally emptied during WW2 to avoid it being a target for bombs.

    It merits several days to explore properly, but you could just see the main sites in one day if you hurried- though it is a pity to rush round it when one of the great pleasures of Strasbourg is to stroll round and enjoy a leisurely meal in one of the hostelleries along the canals sampling the glorious local food and wine. It is completely different from rather formal Baden Baden which is a spa and can be done in less than a day.




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