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How can I copy all my old Acorn ADFS floppy discs to my PC?

This is going to be a huge and boring task I know, but I need to copy a load of old Acorn ADFS floppy discs (a mixture of 800K and 1.6MB) to my PC - running windows XP (if that makes any difference).

To accomplish this task I still have a working Acorn A3010. This machine has the capability to format discs in 1.44MB DOS and I foolishly thought I could just copy the contents of each ADFS disc onto a DOS disc and then transfer each one to my PC. A huge problem I have encountered is that when my Acorn copies files from ADFS to DOS it truncates each file name to 8 characters and also refuses to copy a whole host of files with certain punctuation marks in the name (or maybe this is related to possible duplicate names due to the file name truncation).

Is there an easier way to accomplish this? Is there any free PC software that can read an actual physical Acorn ADFS disc (800K and 1.6MB) so I can copy it this way?

My Acorn machine does NOT have network capability and I'd rather not spend any money on this project if I can help it.

Any helpful suggestions please? No smart comments either thank you!



Abe Dar Zic - You are a star.

Omniflop is the winner! Omniflow allows whole discs to be copied through the PC hard-drive to an .img file which can be instantly read by RedSquirrel (Acorn emulator) which is exactly what I wanted! :-)

2 Answers

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