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Write an essay of about 150-200words comparing and contrasting the U.S.A with


Writing use signal or helping words,such as so,neither,not either,similarly,

too/also,like,but,however,and whereas/while.,



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    The United States of America is very different to Taiwan. First the food is very different, the main food base in Taiwan is based on rice, nearly all Taiwanese eat rice, however, in USA most of the population live on wheat and fast food. Secondly, transportation is too different, in Taiwan the main type of transportation would be either scooter or public transportation, whereas, in USA the main transportation would be automobiles or subways. Next another item that is different is the language, as most of the population in Taiwan speaks mandarin or Taiwanese, English is regarded as the official language in USA. Lastly, the biggest difference between USA and Taiwan is the size of the country and the climate. The United States of America is way bigger and snow is common through out the country. As you can see USA and Taiwan is very different.

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