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姿 asked in 娛樂與音樂電視戲劇 · 1 decade ago

花邊教主 第一季 第15集 13分鐘左右 音樂


花邊教主 第一季 第15集 13分鐘左右 音樂的歌名

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  • Frozen
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    1 decade ago
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    第一季第15集13分時出現的歌曲(畫面是Serena & Georgina在夜店)

    歌名:Nice Sweet Sexy

    演唱者:DLFx feat. Imperio & Cru





    Hey shorty whats yur name,

    One question wheres yur man?

    You're sexy I like yur frame,

    You're single all I'm sayin is,

    She's so seeeeeexy

    She makes me want her body now,

    Break it down,

    Move it round,

    Tonight is goin' all the way down.

    She breaks it down,

    She moves it round,

    Tonight is goin all the way down.

    Hey shawty? I like the way u move that body

    From long range I peeped u like Majerle

    Wont u come and sip on this cardi

    And we can talk about the after party

    A lil liq now I got u getting naughty

    U got ya eyes and lips on my body

    And u go girl jus a lil mo of liq and its ova girl

    So hey shorty whas yo name

    I got a couple of my homies u should bring ya friends

    And we can have a good time baby do it again

    Goin all the way down and this is where it begins so sexy


    Your body,

    So sexy,


    I want you,

    You want me,

    It's whatever baby,

    I want you baby,

    Whenever, Wherever, However,

    It's goin' down

    (After chorus last time)

    All the way,

    Down, Down, Down.

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