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請用口語方式幫我翻譯以下英文 中翻英



1. 男人是不是不喜歡女人對他講教呢? (譬如人生大道理..)


,我想幫助他,希望他不要煩惱, 我想開導他希望他換個角度想,...我是不是應該不要這麼做呢?! 但我竟然做了...而且對方也不太想理會我了..我想我搞砸了這一切!



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對了 第一句 男人是不是不喜歡女人對他講教呢? (譬如人生大道理..) 也要翻一下>

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    I like a guy, but he's always complaining to me about his life, his job, I feel annoyed everyday. I really want to help him, hoping that he don't have so much to bother about. I want him to think of his situation in a different way. Should I not have done this? But i did it, and he didn't bother to pay attention to me anymore. I think I messes everything up.

    Do guys not like bossy girls?

    Do guys like girls more if they shut up?

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    Do guys not like girls telling him long sermons?

    -sorry i didn't see that one : )

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    wait that's wrong,

    Do guys not like girls telling THEM long sermons?

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    1. Do men dislike it when women lecture them? (For example about life and such..)

    I like this guy, but he often complains to me about his life and work, which kind of annoys me on a daily basis.

    I want to help him, in hopes for him not to worry any longer, by changing his perspective on things a little differently.

    Maybe I shouldn't have done so?! But I did... and now he doesn't pay much attention to me anymore.. I think I messed everything up!

    Do guys dislike girls nagging?!

    Would they like it better if girls just shut up?!


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