Should I take my husbands name off of my baby's birth certificate, and put the baby daddy's name on the BC?

Right now the name of the father on the birth certificate is my husband, but it is not the father if this child. He was not present when I was having him instead he was on a binger for about two months. My husband is always going out on me, since we have been married 10 years, out of those 10 years, he stepped out about 6 times. I wanted to believe that things could change for the sake of the six children we do have. Now times were hard and things were really bad, my genious idea was karma. I go out with the girls one tequilla shot after another, I wake up 35 miles away from where I started out. Well the worse happened, three months later I found out I was PG!! Some might wonder, well it could be your husbands right? No because after our sixth child my husband got a vasectomy. Of course my husband has this hanging over my head and had the excuse to leave when he wants. But he doesnt realize that he has done this to me so many times before and the one time I do it the worse thing happens.

Being at the hospital alone when the baby was born, because I am legally married, my husbands name is on the Birth Certificate. It has taken awhile for him to be comfortable about the situation and now loves this baby. The problem is, there are sometimes he says horrible things about this child and it breaks my heart. Do I let this child live with a father who automatically catagorized him as the red headed step child, or do I let the cat out of the bag early, and let him know his real father? Time is running out and I have about only three months to make this decision. What do you think. Shall I leave my husbands name on the BC, or put his real father on the BC?

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  • 10 years ago
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    .Any child born within wedlock and registered as a child of that union,then becomes a legal child of the wedded parents.The BC cannot be changed

  • 4 years ago

    If the only reason you're considering putting the child's father on the certificate is to get child support then you need to get your priorities straight. The reason you should put the father's name on the certificate is because your baby deserves to know who its father is. If you have no reason to hide his identity then his name should be on there for your baby's sake. And seriously, you've been broken up 2 weeks and already have a new boyfriend who wants his name on the birth certificate? You should wait and see how the relationship goes before you get him too involved in your child's life, you've only been together 5 minutes! Your baby - not you is entitled to support from its dad whether his name's on the certificate or not and hopefully the father will be a good dad and be involved in his child's life but if you decide between you not to put the real father's name on the certificate then leave it blank. You cannot put just anyone's name on the birth certificate, you'll be storing up a lot of grief for your child if you do something as stupid as that.

  • 10 years ago

    wow you two know how to screw your lives up. I am not sure that you can change it with out going to court, however if you can I would put the dad's name on it. The reason I say this is that your husband already has six children to support, you should have the father of this child pay for his child and you can not do that if his name is not on the birth certificate. When are people going to learn?

  • Marvin
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    10 years ago

    Change it! My first wife became pregnant right after we split (back in 1993). She put my name on the birth certificate. She told everyone that I was a “dead beat”. This caused me a great deal of grief. I had to give him up for adoption and I am not his father.

    His mother is dead now due to her drug use. His father will likely be gone long before I am. I think one day he will look at his birth certificate, and come looking for me, believing that I am his father. I am not a father. I never will be, and do not ever want to be.

    You might not be up to the same thing that she was, but do not leave yourself looking like as though you are.

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  • 10 years ago

    Leave the husband and put whoever's name on the BC.

    This is a destructive situation, no matter how you slice it.

  • 10 years ago

    the real father cos its the truth

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