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How can I beat a "no animals in municipal park" citation?

I had just bought my puppy at 2 1/2 months old and was very skeptical to take her out until she had received all her vacs., since puppies are still vulnerable to get diseases even after initial vaccinations. Well once she had all her shots I was so excited to finally get to walk my puppy, it was her first time out. I live literally 2 blocks away from a very large park that is always crowded with people, I mean anytime of day. I pass through this park everyday as duh I live right next to it and always envied all the dog owners that would walk their dogs at the park and even in the park. So I walk to the park on a sunny Friday morning (9ish) and as I literally cross the street to get to the park I see the white parks and recreation police vehicle speed to about 20 ft in the direction that we were headed in and stop. Unknowingly and without even a second thought I walk in that same direction still on the parks sidewalk, when I am about maybe 5ft away I see the officer get out of the vehicle. The officer waits for me to get closer and calls me over, the officer tells me that dogs are not allowed in the park and that she would have to issue me a citation because a city worker had reported me and pointed in the direction of a city worker off in the background. At that point I got a little apprehensive and told her that I didn't believe that was fair and that all the signs I had read said no dogs off leash and she was on a leash. The officer then stated to me that she could do nothing for me and she had already started to write the ticket, she said that all the signs were old and at the beginning of the previous month her boss had enforced the no dogs in park rule. She also mentioned to me that they (the parks and rec.officers) were never even really out that early and for me to go to court and fight it. So as she is taking down my information and I am contemplating giving her a fake name and address I ask her what the reason was that they were cracking down on the dog owners. The officer let me know that a few months before a member of the city council was taking a walk around the park and had witnessed a random jogger being attacked by pit bull that was being walked. So apparently the council member proposed that no animals be allowed at the park for any reason. Well after I signed my ticket and went home I decided to fight the ticket no matter how much it was, and once the actual citation came in the mail I discovered it to be a $256 dollar ticket. Now as I mentioned before I pass this park EVERYDAY so it becomes very upsetting to see so many dog owners without licenses (I'm assuming) walk their dogs there in the morning, evening, and night. I really believe that she gave me a ticket because I responded to her saying that I didn't believe that that was fair. I would really like to beat this stupid ticket I understand sometimes people have a bad days but really??!! I am very much aware that I too am at fault for not double checking the signage, but I was not even at the park for more than 5 minutes. Give me a break! Please let me know if anyone has any good advice or have actually beat something like this.

Thanks for reading (long I know sorry!

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    Sorry, but you broke the rules and deserve the punishment. It doesn't matter if everyone else does it too; you got caught and have to accept the consequences. I would guess that if you fought the ticket in court the judge might reduce the fine, but I wouldn't count on it.

    By the way, if you actually had given the cop a fake name and address you would be in major trouble and possibly face jail time. Please don't ever think about doing that again.

    edit: yourlildarling: none of your points are likely to sway a judge.

    1. New laws are still laws; there isn't some kind of transition period.

    2. The signs technically were still correct. If they said "no dogs off leash," they're still true. They just hadn't yet been updated to say that dogs on leashes aren't allowed either.

    3. It doesn't matter if she had never been to the park with a dog before. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it.

    4. Finally, it doesn't matter if other people break the law too. There are lots of murderers; that doesn't mean I should be able to get away with it.

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    There are a couple things on your side here

    !) it was a new law

    2) the signs did not properly advertise the new regulations

    3)you were a new dog owner who had never visited the park

    4) there are always other dogs there on leashes

    I find it odd you were not issued a warning. Do you own a pitt? did they just ban pitts? They are usually pretty strict with rules on Pittbulls. I think you have a 50/50 chance of beating it. If nothing else you may just get them to change the signs if they are wrong and prevent other fellow dog owners from receiving these fines for something they did not know about. Also sounds like they waited until you were on park property before stopping you. They should have stopped you before you hit park grounds and issued you a warning. Go back (without your pup) and take tons of pictures of the signs and people walking dogs BEFORE you try to fight it so you can present your case properly. Good luck!

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    Yes. You can beat it. Go to the park (without your dog) and take pictures of the signs that says "No dogs off leash". Take pics of all the signs. If there is a "No Dogs" rule, then it should be clearly posted.

    It sounds to me like that particular Park Enforcement agent needed to make her monthly quota.

    Also, contact your local representatives. In many places it is illegal to ban a certain group of people. After all, dog owners are tax payers also. Your taxes go to support your local public space.

    Personally, I would fight it.

    edit: If you see people in the park with dogs, take pictures.

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    You can't beat it.

    You did something wrong, and I'm sorry you weren't totally aware, and I'm sorry you decided to argue it and even consider lying to the law- but you did something wrong.

    Just pay the fine and get over it. It doesn't matter what other people do. They haven't been caught- yet. Respect what the park is, pay the fine, and don't do it again. Why should you be treated different from anyone else who's been caught?

    You broke the rules- you got caught- you pay the fine. What is there to fight, exactly? 'Oh, they only wrote me a ticket because they were in a bad mood'. Uh, no. They wrote you a ticket because you broke the rules. Could they have given you a break? Sure, but that would have been lucky, not a given situation.

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    Fight it.

    From what you said.. you said there was a sign saying no dogs off leash. Not a sign saying No dogs at all. There's a difference. Take pictures of the signs if you have too.

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    make sure that when u take the picture that the date is preprinted on the picture, this will be more ligate and give ur more evidence when u go to court.

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