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What would you like to ask?i have a waltham pocket watch. Serial number4441095. Can someone please tell me the?

i have a waltham pocket watch. Serial number 4441095' (gold) can someone tell me the year and approximate value please. I looked on waltham sites and i just dont know what im doing i guess. Thank you! Its really important to me. I need money fast!

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    It's a 0-size "Seaside" grade from about 1890. It's a 9-jewel watch, which is on the low end of the quality spectrum.

    Value is not much, as these small watches are not widely collected. In a gold-filled case, it might be worth $20-30. Rarely, these are in solid gold cases, which are worth their scrap value or a very slight premium over. For a 14K case, this may $100-125 at current gold prices($1200/oz). A low karat solid case(8K was common) would be more in the neighborhood of $75, although you'd need to weigh the case(for either 8K or 14) with the crystal, stem, sleeve, and lift springs removed to get an accurate weight.

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