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Can I help clean the Gulf Of Mexico?

Is there anyway I can travel to the gulf to clean the animals that have been covered in oil? Are there any groups that are trying?

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    Hola. there are probably tons of wildlife groups who are organizing in a hopes to try to save some of the wildlife in the gulf. do a search on the internet. I know lots were created after the alaskan disaster by the Valdez.

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    I doubt anyone will stop you but you have to realize the animals you want to clean are wild and will attack you if they feel threatened. If you really want to though I bet a lot of people would help you out but keep a first aid kit nearby with some antibiotics and make sure your shots are up to date in the event you get bit.

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    A lot of people are getting unemployed.

    So if those people have no jobs, they should be free.

    See if you can get a group of people and start a group to clean up.(:

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