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I need to find an MP7 aep.?

Hey, I can't find any AEP clones around. The clones I'm looking for are WELL/GALAXY/TSD brands. Yes I know these brands suck, but I want to practice shimming gearboxes without breaking the bank (no I will not spend over 200 for the TM, and I'm not looking for another GBB), and I personally love the looks of the MP7 too. If I'm successful, I'll have something to replace my sidearm around winter. So where can I find some clones for sale, preferable a reliable website. I do not like airsplat, hobbytron and the like. Also, I don't like the scorpion, glock and other handguns, just the MP7.


May there be no more until july. I have a CQB Game in June that I'm dieing to go to...

Update 2:

Well on airsoftpost anyway.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can try and look at I believe that they have TSD brands on the air softtion.

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