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Is there any home remedies for my cat she has a cold in her eye.?

My cat is pregnant and she has a cold in her eye is there any kind of less expensive home remedy so I don't have to pay an outrages vet bill.


YES we wanted our cat to have kittens, thank you for you concern and your smartbutt answer as well!! Look it up online YES cats can have COLD which affect their eyes!!!!!

Update 2:

Its not red or runny it just has eye yuckies in the corner, they are a yellowish color.

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    You can try rinsing it out daily with a saline Solution. Use unscented baby wipes to clean it. Tissues will further irritate it with the lint. Keep a real close eye on it if it worsens you need to take her to the vets for antibiotics. If she gives birth and still has the eye infection the kittens will get it as well then you will have problems. Kittens immunity systems are fragile and if Mommy has a infection in the eyes the kittens WILL get URI and they are hard to treat and could die. Try the saline for a few days if it is not working please consult a vet. The medicine is not expensive a bottle of clavamox will run you about $17 plus the office call.

    Source(s): uri cat specialist humane society
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    No. The most common reason for eyes to be red and runny is a viral infection, and there are no safe over the counter remedies for this. You could try to give her some l-lysine amino acid tabs (250 mg twice daily by mouth) in case its a herpesvirus, but if you give her anything else by mouth or put anything in her eye you are risking blindness and poisoning your cat. Vets have extensive training in cat and dog diseases and medicine, that is why they charge for their expertise. It is easy to kill a cat with human medicines. Don't do it!

    Source(s): DVM, 25 years experience
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    lamentably it sounds EXACTLY like an higher breathing contamination that's handiest curable through antibiotics ... i do know you dont have cash however she demands to head, all you're going to get charged for is the examination talk over with and the price of the antibiotics. If you dont convey her to vet then it would get so extreme that she would end up very congested. When they end up very congested they cant odor and cats once they cant odor they wont devour. Humidifiers can support with the congestion however like I mentioned antibiotics are a so much! Also it's VERY CONTAGIOUS to different cats!

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    You sound like an awesome cat owner! I'm assuming you mean an eye infection? The best solution is to see a vet, no home remedy will be able to fix the problem as fast and as effectively as a prescription medication. While you're there, maybe you should look into getting her spayed too! :)

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