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Who is the best volleyer on the WTA?

Which player is the best volleyer on the WTA at the moment?

I have a hard time deciding between Venus Williams, Justine Henin, and Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez.

Venus Williams is great at the net... but that seems to be only because she has extremely long arms and legs, allowing her great reach. most of her volleys are just reaching for the ball, there's no technique really involved; she doesn't give it underspin or do a swinging volley most of the time... just reaches for the ball.

Henin has fantastic net skills and is able to accurately predict her opponents passing shots and where to send the ball. She's one of the few I see who can win an extended volley... but she's kind of short? sometimes some lobs most other players can get but she's too short to get heheh

Martinez Sanchez.... I don't know? I thought she was okay during the Rome run... but perhaps it's just because most players aren't used to serve and volley so they were caught off guard by her... I mean she lost in the 1st round of the French Open.

SO, who's the best? anyone I didn't list?

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    Venus is a great vollyer but she proves to me, time and time again, to make stupid mistakes sometimes. Mistakes that Henin and Martinez Sanchez would never make. Venus is a sloppy vollyer but just seems to pull off great volleys. Martinez Sanchez has the best first volley in the game, which is needed if you have her serve-volley style and she is very solid at the net at any other occasion. For me, Henin has the best volley technique and is always so consistent at the net. As for other players, I can only think of Sam Stosur as one of the other better volleyers in that Top 20 bracket but there is no way she is consistent enough to challenge the above three with her volleys.

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    Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez...

  • Venus Williams has the best volleys, which will allow her to WIN the French Open this year.

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    There are heaps in the lower top 100 that have great volleys but no one notices them because of their ranking

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    maria jose martinez sanchez

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