I need help making a reservations in Eurail from united states?

I need to make reservations and the web page do not have reservations.

Thank you

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    You can find links to the various train sites where you can make reservations and a lot of useful tips on rail passes and train travel in Europe in general on this site: http://www.seat61.com/ See: How do you make reservations or pay supplements with your rail pass? on this page in particular: http://www.seat61.com/Railpass.htm#reservations%20... . It can be cheaper just to make the reservation directly with the national train systems rather than booking with a third-party. For example, on the Trenitalia site http://www.ferroviedellostato.it/homepage_en.html select the train you want to reserve and then on the fares & preferences page use the "more fares" pull down menu and select Global pass to make a reservation to be used with a pass. You'll be able to pick up the ticket at a ticket booth or machine at your departure station.

    You can always just make reservations in the stations here while you're traveling. For most trains and routes it won't be a problem, but there are some popular trains like the night trains between Paris and Florence/Rome or Venice that do sell out sometimes.

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    Eurail only sell the train passes. Most people make reservations at train stations once they get to Europe. But if you need to make reservations in advance, useful if it's a train route that is popular, then you need to go through either a company like Rail Europe or use a travel agent.


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