What bands/musical artists do the best songs by the following titles (Part 2 of 5)...?

Part 2 of 5

There are lots of bands/musical artists that have songs that have the same name as other bands/musical artists. Which band/musical artist has the best song by the given title? You can use a band/musical artist that I don't list as a suggestion, and genre doesn't matter. If you can't think of any artist for a song title and haven't heard any of the suggestions, skip it.

{For example, you could think the best song by the name "Alias" was a song by In Flames. They don't have to be covers or anything, totally different songs, just having the same name. Or you might know a song by that name that is by neither In Flames nor Sky Eats Airplane, and you could use that one instead.}

21. Dangerous

(My American Heart? Ying Yang Twins? [Other]?)

22. December

(The Fully Down? Weezer? [Other]?)

23. Denise

(Fountains of Wayne? Randy & The Rainbows? [Other]?)

24. Disaster

(Hawthorne Heights? Voodoo Glow Skulls? [Other]?)

25. Don't Leave Me

(Blink-182? Green Day? [Other]?)

26. Don't Look Back

(Boston? Remains? [Other]?)

27. Dreaming

(Blondie? System of a Down? [Other]?)

28. The End

(The Beatles? The Doors? Silverstein? [Other]?)

29. Falling Down

(Avril Lavigne? 1997? [Other]?)

30. Fame

(David Bowie? Drop Dead, Gorgeous? [Other]?)

31. Fantasy

(Earth, Wind, & Fire? My American Heart? [Other]?)

32. Fire

(Jimi Hendrix? Ohio Players? [Other]?)

33. Girlfriend

(Avril Lavigne? N*Sync? [Other]?)

34. Give Up

(CSS? Dan Vaillancourt? [Other]?)

35. Go

(Blink-182? Boys Like Girls? [Other]?)

36. Gone

(Kanye West? N*Sync? [Other]?)

37. Good Vibrations

(The Beach Boys? Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch? [Other]?)

38. Hang 'Em High

(My Chemical Romance? A Static Lullaby? [Other]?)

39. Head Over Heels

(Boys Like Girls? The Go-Go's? [Other]?)

40. Heart of Stone

(Cher? The Rolling Stones? [Other]?)

Thank you for your answer! :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    22. Weezer (i think)

    24. Hawthorne Heights

    25. Green Day

    28. Green Day

    35. Blink 182

    37. Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch (haha one of my parents faves when they were younger)

    38. My Chemical Romance

    sorry, i don't know the others

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