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Why does Islam mean "peace" in the sense of submission to Allah, but Shalom means peace as in harmony and love?

The Muslim(arabic) word for peace (Islam) means complete submission to God - if you surrender, you will have peace!

But the Jewish (hebrew) word for peace (shalom) means experiencing the blessing of God, community harmony, love, happiness, getting along with one another without strife or loss or pain.

I apologize for my limited understanding of both languages, but it seems like 2 strikingly different visions for what constitutes peace!

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    What are you trying to compare? let's look at each ...

    Language? it's the same thing. >> peace = salam = shalom.

    Religions? it's different.

    Islam = means submission to God in peace and full interest.

    Judaism = religion made by jewish people. ( judaism has 'no' connection to peace )


    Source(s): Salam Aleikom = Peace be upon you >> ''Islamic greeting''
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    Shalom Means Peace

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    Actually, Islam and Muslim both come from the root word 'slm' or Shalom. So Islam as a word does imply peace no matter the commitments of the adherents.

  • YoniA
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    1) Islam (اسلام) is the Arabic word for "devotion; dedication; giving oneself". It is not limited to religious contexts only and is used just like its English equivalents.

    2) The Arabic word for peace is Salaam (سلام), which is also used as a greeting (in a similar way like Shalom).

    3) Shalom (שלום)- "peace" in Hebrew.

    The Arabic root S.L.M and the Hebrew SH.L.M are cognates. They both have the aspects of "give" or "deliver" (Arabic "sallama li" handed to. Hebrew "shilem" payed) and "peace", "complete" (Salaam and Shalom and many other words).

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    Islam does not mean peace, Salaam means peace and it is the equivalent of Shalom which is why they are both greetings by their respective religious adherents. Islam has the implication of peace in it but also submission by which it implies that through complete submission to God, one achieves peace b/c they have attained closeness to Him. It is also the name of the religion so it must describe the basic purpose and understanding of the religion in the hearts of people.

    I hope this addresses your question.

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    Salaam means peace. Islam means surrender.

    Your understanding of the words is a bit garbled, and that seems to be what is causing the confusion.

    Salaam (Arabic) and Shalom (Hebrew) are actually quite similar.

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    Islam doesn't mean peace, Islam means surrender.

    The Arabic word for peace is sala'am; Surely you've heard it used in this manner. The similarity to Shalom is obvious.

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    Muslim means the ONE who submits (noun)

    Islam means TO submit... and having the character of peace;

    sa la ma (verb)

    these letters make up the root word of Islam and Muslim.

    salama means peace and yasaleem means to submit


    to be safe, secure, protected, to surrender, to submit

    (al-salâm, islâm, salîm, muslim)


    The letter meem is often used in Arabic to give the meaning of the continuous action. This with a vowel would make it ma, me, or mu.


    Just about all of the Arabic words originate from a root word that is a verb. From that letter and vowels are added to make that word into a noun, adj, adv

    I cannot speak for the Jewish and I cannot tell you what the Hebrew is.

    But I can tell you that there is a great difference in these attitudes.

    Islam, you submit yourself to God. Meaning you acknoweledge AND obey. This is what grants one peace and tranquility. We've humbled ourselves and we have become obediant slaves to our Creator. This is what grants us blessings and love. How can one expect to be loved if they are constantly disobediant and haughty?

    Source(s): Beautiful Arabic language
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    I believe u r mixing a name of a religion with a word in hebrw.

    shalom = salam both mean peace and hi , and Islam = Judaism names of religions ,

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