Why did the Republican controlled Congress/White House run massive $300 BILLIOIN deficits EVERY year?

From jan 20 2001 to jan 2007 republicans controlled the entire govt and ran massive deficits every year.

2002 - 258 billion deficit

2003 - 378 billion deficit

2004 - 413 billion deficit

2005 - 318 billion deficit

2006 - 248 billion deficit

2007 - 161 billion deficit

Total - 1.77 Trillion in 6 years

Avg deficit of 298 billion - (please note, the war was costing 50 billion yearly so that is not the cause)

Source: Congressional budget office


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    The Republicans spent and never paid for any legislation. Also, the war in Iraq alone cost 10 billion/mo so your 50 billion/yr is off. When you spend and cut taxes you're going to create huge deficits. Both sides were actually responsible for this. Although, the Dems did want to raise taxes to start paying down these deficits and to pay for the wars.

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    10 years ago

    Because there is not a difference between a Democrat or a Republican....Vote Independent!....My logic for this is that the political parties are already corrupted and controlled by these lobbyist institutions and with Independents in office it is harder for corporations to control the legislation and the politicians will not be able to hide as well as they do

    There are no lefties or righties, just Democrat and Republicans, of course those numbers are shrinking. Independents and other parties are slowly gaining, I figure in 10 years there will only be Independents and minority parities.

    Source(s): Politicians are going to come to the sad reality that they need to both raise taxes and cut spending.
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    because we have reached a point in our country that the social programs, handouts, credits etc, have become so expensive, that we can no longer afford them. So to pay for our government, we have to deficit spend.

    Now if we could only cut spending, reduce the number of those wasteful programs...maybe we could get a balanced budget.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    And what is Obama's deficit for this year again?

    1.5 trillion for ONE YEAR!

    Thanks for pointing out what a horrible job Obama is doing compared to Bush.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    And what is Obama's deficit this year?

    Come on.. this bit is way to easy to beat down. Try harder.

  • 10 years ago

    Don't forget that that dimorats voted for all of that war spending. la la la la la la laaaaaa

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