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American celebrities with swedish origin?

I recently heard that Jake Gyllenhaal is part swedish.

And it made me wonder...

Are there any other american celebs with swedish ancestors?

(I'm swedish, that's why I'm asking)


Lol why do people always think I like Abba?

Frida is MY name, that's why.

Not cause I'm a fan of the chick in Abba.

I never even heard a song by them.

I've heard Amanda Seyfried's cover of Thank you for the music, but that's it really...

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    Maud Adams (Swedish-born), Bond girl.[citation needed]

    Louie Anderson, stand-up comedian, actor, and former Family Feud game show host[citation needed]

    Richard Dean Anderson, actor, grandfather from Sweden.[citation needed]

    Candice Bergen, actress and fashion model.[1]

    Edgar Bergen, actor and radio performer[2]

    Nadia Bjorlin, soap opera actress[3]

    Veda Ann Borg, American film actress [4]

    Susan Hayward, film actress.[15]

    Liza Huber, soap opera, television and stage actress[citation needed]

    Gunilla Hutton, film actress[citation needed]

    Scarlett Johansson, actress and musician[16]

    Tor Johnson, actor and wrestler[17]

    Van Johnson , film and television actor[18]

    Val Kilmer, Actor[citation needed]

    Kayla Kleevage, stripper and pornographic actress[citation needed]

    Kris Kristofferson, country music songwriter, singer and actor[19]

    Caroline Lagerfelt, stage, film, and television actress[citation needed]

    Brandon Lee , actor and son of Bruce Lee (His mother, Linda Lee Cadwell, is part of Swedish descent).

    Shannon Lee , actrees and daughter of Bruce Lee

    Eric Linden, film actor[citation needed]

    Viveca Lindfors, stage and film actress[citation needed]

    Helen Lindroth (Swedish-born), screen and stage actress [20]

    Susan Lucci (Swedish-born mother; Liza Huber), soap opera actress[citation needed]

    Stephen Mailer, actor, mother is of Swedish decent.[citation needed]

    Ann-MargretAnn-Margret (Swedish-born), actress and singer[21]

    Anna Q. Nilsson (Swedish-born), silent film actress[citation needed]

    Warner Oland, film actor[22]

    Nancy Olson, Film and television actress[23]

    Michelle Pfeiffer, actress, maternal grandmother was Swedish.[citation needed]

    Mary-Louise Parker, film actress, star in Weeds (TV series).[citation needed]

    Julia Roberts, actress [24]

    Inger Stevens (Swedish-born), film and television actress[citation needed]

    Erik Per Sullivan (1991 - ) Malcolm in the Middle actor[25]

    Gloria Swanson, silent film actress[26]

    Kristy Swanson, film/television actress[27]

    Uma Thurman, Academy Award-nominated film actress and former fashion model[28]

    Mamie Van Doren, stage, film and television actress[citation needed]

    Nena von Schlebrügge, actress and Uma Thurman,s mother.

    Donnie Wahlberg, film actor and producer[29]

    Mark Wahlberg, Academy Award-nominated film actor [30]

    Robert Wahlberg, film actor [31]

    Kari Wahlgren, Voiceover Actress [32]

    Jesse Williams, film actor (Greys Anatomy)[citation needed]

    [edit] Other

    Linda Carlson, actress[citation needed]

    Hayden Christensen, actor, [5]

    Kirsten Dunst, film actress [6]

    Caridee English, Winner of America's Next Top Model cycle 7[citation needed]

    Robert Englund, film, television and voice actor[7]

    Edie Falco, television, film and stage actress[8]

    James Franco, film actor[9]

    Greta Garbo (Swedish-born), film actress[10]

    Greta GarboMelanie Griffith, film actress[11]

    Jake Gyllenhaal, film actor [12]

    Maggie Gyllenhaal, film actress [13]

    Josh Hartnett, Actor[citation needed]

    Garrett Hedlund, film actor[citation needed]

    Tippi Hedren, film actress[citation needed]

    Mark Hamill, film actor[citation needed]

    Signe Hasso, film actress[14]

    Carl Oscar Borg (Swedish-born), Painter [35]

    Peter David Edstrom (Swedish-born), sculptor[36]

    Bud Grace, cartoonist[37]

    Paul Granlund, sculptor[38]

    Knute Heldner (Swedish-born), American artist[39]

    Gustavus Hesselius (Swedish-born), painter[40]

    John Hesselius, portraitist [41]

    Magnus Colcord Heurlin (Swedish-born), artist and painter

    Olof Krans (Swedish-born), artist and painter [42]

    Karl Larsson (Swedish-born), painter, engraver and sculptor

    Hope Larson, illustrator and cartoonist

    Arthur Nilsson (Swedish-born), American artist and illustrator

    Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt (Swedish-born), Artist [43]

    Arvid Nyholm, artist known primarily as a portrait and landscape painter[44]

    Claes Oldenburg (Swedish-born), sculptor, best known for his public art [45]

    Birger Sandzén (Swedish-born), painter[46]

    Haddon Sundblom, creator of Santa Claus images for the Coca-Cola Company[47]

    John August Swanson (Swedish father), visual artist, painter

    Gustaf Tenggren (Swedish-born), illustrator

    Gunnar Widforss (Swedish-born), artist specializing in landscapes [

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    Some of the most famous Swedes in Hollywood are the Skarsgaard brothers and dad. Britt Ekland and Maud Adams along with Isabella Scorupco have all been Bond babes. Sweden also has a ton of hockey players that have made it big in the US through the decades. As for sports, Bjorn Borg and Annika Soerenstam are two of the most famous Swedish athletes who have lived in the US.

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    maggie gyllenhaal, tiger wood's wife/ex wife what ever she is now, bjorg bjorgssen

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    i dont know lol the person above me is right

    but i see you like abba right, so do it, i was obsessed with them

    Source(s): congrats, you got bronze medal in hockey lol and we have gold!! YES!!
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