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How Can Anyone Trust Such A Corrupt Medical System As We Have Today?

It is alarming to say the least when one makes a serious assessment of the medical industry today. The evidence of corruption is rampant, from the field of research all the way through to the highest levels of government. ..... It is perhaps even more alarming to view the way that so many hard line medical science worshipers simply ignore and deny the seriousness of the situation as it exists today. .. Instead of putting serious efforts towards addressing this serious infection that has overtaken the medical industry, ... these same individuals focus all their efforts on a constant onslaught against all natural forms of healing. ... This is in spite of how harmless natural healing is and has been in comparison to the pharmaceutical model.

Here are some of the abundant examples of the corruption that exists in the medical industry today;

"Wall St. Journal" - January 2009

"FDA Scientists Ask Obama to Restructure Drug Agency"

"WASHINGTON -- A group of scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama's transition team pleading with him to restructure the agency, saying managers have ordered, intimidated and coerced scientists to manipulate data in violation of the law.

The nine scientists, whose names have been provided to the transition team and to some members of Congress, say the FDA is a "fundamentally broken" agency and describe it as place where honest employees committed to integrity can't act without fear of reprisal. ..."


"Western Journal Of Medicine" - Oct. 2001

"The unhealthy alliance between academia and corporate America"

"Academia's relationship with private industry changed in the United States when Congress passed the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980.1 This law enabled universities to patent their discoveries and license them to private corporations. This policy fostered collaboration between academia and industry, which created jobs and products of immediate commercial value. But the delicate balance between academic and corporate expectations has swung too far toward private profit at the expense of public trust. Universities are threatened by a growing public concern that industry funding distorts research and undermines its traditions of objectivity, independence, and free exchange of ideas. ..."


"JAMA" (Journal of The American Medical Association)

Vol. 300 No. 9, September 3, 2008

"Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research - A Broken System"

"Over the past 2 decades, the pharmaceutical industry has gained unprecedented control over the evaluation of its own products. Drug companies now finance most clinical research on prescription drugs, and there is mounting evidence that they often skew the research they sponsor to make their drugs look better and safer. Two recent articles underscore the problem: one showed that many publications concerning Merck's rofecoxib that were attributed primarily or solely to academic investigators were actually written by Merck employees or medical publishing companies hired by Merck; the other showed that the company manipulated the data analysis in 2 clinical trials to minimize the increased mortality associated with rofecoxib.2 Bias in the way industry-sponsored research is conducted and reported is not unusual and by no means limited to Merck. ..."


"Wall St. Journal" - May 7, 2010

"Why the AMA Wants to Muzzle Your Doctor"

" ...The AMA was not only a major supporter of ObamaCare but also an accomplice in its passage. Without the support of the AMA it is quite possible that the health-care reform initiative would have failed. So why the effort to silence other doctors? The AMA is not only worried about protecting this misguided legislation, it is worried about protecting itself.

In the weeks since passage of this 2,700 page bill, more and more of its policy land-mines have exploded, including rising insurance premiums and admissions of inevitable rationing. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of physicians have expressed alarm over the impact that the legislation will have on their patients. This growing opposition makes the actions of the AMA, which represents only 17% of the doctors in the U.S., look very bad.

It is essential to understand the primary reason the AMA stands alongside President Obama on health-care reform. The organization wants to protect a monopoly that the federal government has created for it—a m


... a medical coding system administered by the AMA that every health-care professional and hospital must use if they wish to get paid for the services they provide. This monopoly generates income of $70 million to $100 million annually for the AMA. That makes the AMA less an association looking out for doctors and more a special-interest group beholden to Congress and the White House. ..."

Update 2:

"PBS Frontline" - 2003

"Dangerous Prescription"

"More than a dozen dangerous drugs have been pulled off the market since 1997. Why were they approved in the first place? An investigation of America's drug safety system."

"I think it was pretty well understood," say former FDA scientist Michael Elashoff, "that if you were advocating turning a drug down -- particularly if it was from a large pharmaceutical company -- that that wouldn't be good for your career."

Update 3:

Sarah -

Perhaps you would care to post the research which shows the harm done by natural healing in comparison to the harm done via the pharmaceutical model. .... and where exactly did you read the word "Totally" in my question here? Please don't put words in my mouth.

Update 4:

fizbap -

"sometimes corrupt" eh? .... I think you need to read more thoroughly before you post such a weak response. .... Why is it that the typical response from your camp to this rampant corruption is always denial and lame excuses?

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    I am just grateful that all of this information is finally coming out, and making it into more main-stream media. And the influx of information is exponential. Also hoping that this might stem the tide of copycat changes here in Australia.

    Can we trust the system? NO. Do we need to use the system? Sometimes. Solution: Be aware and be careful. Choose your doctors, etc where possible. Increasing numbers are thinking for themselves and practising medicine that is in the best interests of the patient. Increasing numbers are supporting Alt Med as complimentary and/or the better alternative.

    However, to halt this malignancy, we need an increase in awareness and an increase in people willing to voice their objections. Governments just follow the lead, and they will continue to support this system unless sufficient numbers of citizens loudly voice their objections. And that is happening too slowly :-(

  • Anonymous
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    I think most of us grew up during a time that it was reasonable to trust others. I also think we've gained enough experience as we grew older that we've come to the conclusion that those days are gone forever. I think the 88 y.o. is an exception and if it were I that sat in that room while this took place I would be checking on agencies that could help her. I'm 78 and find decision times become more difficult each year and I would want someone at my side 10 years from now before I put pen to paper. If I live that long.

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    The 2 video series below are about cancer, but address many root causes of the corrupt medical system.

    A world without cancer

    Youtube thumbnail

    The Science and Politics of Cancer (2005) - Part 1

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  • Tink
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    As long as health care is for profit, you are going to see corruption in research.

    The bottom line has become more important than ethics.....

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  • Anonymous
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    Thank you for the fantastic, healpful info!

  • Anonymous
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    Are you just talking the USA? This is the world wide web you know.

    But yes, I would trust my doctor over some crystal waving, chakra balancing, ear candling, vitamin pushing crank any day.

  • NA
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    I think i love meatball.

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    Just because the auto industry is sometimes corrupt, does not mean i would ride a horse to work.

    Just because the FDA is sometimes corrupt, does not mean a smoky quartz crystal can heal AIDS.

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    Oh yeah, the totally harmless natural remedies, lol

    TOTALLY HARMLESS. Natural means it can't hurt you.

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