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Does anyone have any experience with Young Living essential oil company?

Are they reputable? Is their product any better then other companies? Is there any truth to the hype they publish about their products?

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    This company is for real. I was very skeptical when I was introduced to it, but with experience I replaced many mainstream products with Young Living products. Watch the Youtube video my wife and I made about our introductory experience with Young Living

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    Young Living processes their oils differently from other essential oil companies which allows them to have a higher quality, purer, and more reliable oil. By more reliable I mean you can expect the same oil when you replace your old bottle. Some companies oils are not the same from batch to batch. An example of purity is I use Young Livings Oregano oil all the time as a spice when I'm cooking. Because of the processes other companies use, you would be poisoned if you ingested any of their products.

    Young Living does have a few negatives; 1. Although most of their products are worth every cent (no pun intended), some of their products seem overpriced, for instance; I'm not spending $20.00 on an 8 oz. bottle of shampoo. 2. Their website is slightly not user friendly. 3. People have to be taught how to use the product. If you decide to use these products I would suggest that you purchase the book called "Essential Oils Desk Reference" by Essential Science Publishing. You can find it on Amazon or other places like that. Remember that Young Living Essential Oils are much gentler than other products but they still can cause harm if misused.

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    I am a certified wellness coach with a lot of experience with this company. In my line of work I come in contact with a TON of wellness companies. I have to say that I love young living essential oils and use them for my clients a lot. There are a few that I think you can buy anywhere, like the agave and what not, but the oils are top notch! And I used to make my own oils! If you are looking at it as a business, I suggest doing all the research you would before starting any company. Make sure you have a strong person who can help you and give you advice along the way.

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