folk music of Pakistan?

hy anyone knows about folk music of Pakistan? artists of folk music in Pakistan? present condition of folk music in Pakistan?

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    There is a lot of change in the weather of Pakistan and you can feel this change in the folk music of Pakistan too. There are four provinces of Pakistan namely Punjab, NWFP, Sindh and Balochistan, which vary widely in climate as well as in their local music. In Punjab’s local music you can feel strong shadows of sufiism, ”Qawwali” is very much popular in Punjab, Qawwali is mostly in praise of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his near and dear ones.

    Except Qawwali there are different kinds of music in Punjab like Kafi, Mahiya, Sufiyana kalam etc. But anyone listening to the music feels the strong shadow of spiritualism in it.

    It will make you feel relaxed and take you out of this world into the other world, in which you feel free from all worries, free from desires and free from fears. It is a scientifically proven fact that a religious and spiritual person is not very afraid of death and has less greed than other persons. It is the best features of this music that it makes you feel light and relaxed. Anybody who doesn’t get a chance has the right to disagree from this statement that this music (local music of Punjab) make you feel relaxed, but it is strongly recommended for those people that they give it a try. Here it must be made clear that this is about local music of Punjab included in Pakistan because Punjab has a totally different taste in music.

    Summarizing this article, it can be said that folk music of Pakistan is slow, relaxing , having a good poetry and is of good taste and as described above in this article that we can guess mood of people of a country by knowing folk music of that country


    Abida Parveen

    Ahmad Mehdi

    Ahmed Faraz

    Ahmed Rushdi

    Allan Faqeer

    Amanat Ali Khan

    Faiz Ahmed Faiz

    Farida Khanum

    Firaq Gorakhpuri

    Noor Jehan

    Ghulam Ali

    Hussain Bux Gullo

    Iqbal Bano

    Malika Pukhraj

    Master Chandur

    Munni Begum

    Mehdi Hassan

    Naheed akhtar

    Nayyara Noor

    Qamar Jalalvi

    Tahira Syed

    Tina Sani


    In Qualli:

    Amir Khusrau

    Bulleh Shah

    Sultan Bahu

    Munshi Raziuddin

    Sohail Rana

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    Sabri Brothers

    Aziz Mian

    Abida Parveen

    Qawwal Bahauddin

    Farid Ayyaz

    Alam Lohar


    Ghulam Abbas

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