Is this a Scam or not?!?

I recently received an E-mail that seems to me to be a scam....I am not sure but it kind of reminds me of those " Nigerian Prince who needs your bank info so he can receive his multi-million dollar fortune-of which you will be entitled to a large some of..." scams that were so popular a few years back. God, I fell for that one 3 times in a row! I don't want to be victimized yet again....., and this is why I wanted to get you alls opinion on this one. I got to admit, it sounds legitimate to me...but I just don't know anymore. The following is the letter I received:

Hello young sir and/or lady....I am Charles Chester famous owner of the Cheeze-Its brand name. I made my fortune developing new ways to trap Shrimp in the coastal waters of Southern Peru...But I had always dreamed of one day owning the Cheeze-its empire (Not only because of Cheeze-Its reputation as being at the forefront of snack-food technology...but mainly because I was born with the name C.C. Cheeze-its) I would like you to become my Ambassador To the Middle East...Help me Bring Cheese-Its to this War Torn World! Being somewhat of a humanitarian, I think it will help the peace process if both (or how many sides are involved) can sit down and enjoy one of my companies World Class Snack Foods, namely Cheese-Its! You may ask yourself "But why me Mr. Cheese-its? What do I know about the Middle East? And...hey....wait a minute, how do you (a world traveling multi-millionaire CEO of a famous company) know anything about ME (a home-town average Joe and/or Jane) ???!

Well...the answer is quite simple, there Child! Although I must admit that your questions are quite bright...they show that I have, indeed made the right choice in singling you out from the millions of other average Joe and/or Janes out there. You see I have been covertly following quite a few individuals for a long time now....Watching their online activity....reading their various comments to News-Groups, etc. By doing this, and through a complex scientific formula I have narrowed my choice down to one single individual...YOU!!!! You may think this an odd way of doing things, but here in the world of High Finance, we do this sort of thing daily! In fact how do you think someone ever gets such a job, as an "Ambassador" whether for a company or through the Government? I don't ever recall any college degrees in that area, do you? Nor would you ever see such an add for a thing in the Help Wanted section of any News Paper! Why? Because Such peoples have been Individually chosen for the job, often without their even knowing that they were being considered....JUST LIKE YOU!!!! Being an Ambassador is one of the Easiest Jobs in the world...this is why it is never advertised..people would swarm the application and the Person seeking to have the position filled would be Swamped with applicants. No, what is happening to you right now, has happened to practically every Ambassador since the dawn of modern time. SO NOW WHAT? Well I am very glad that you asked. New regulations from the NSA and FDA, as well as the CIA, and the Obama White House have made it a bit more difficult. There is a slight amount of red-tape to jump through...but I will hold your hand through it, and together you will come out the other side a FULL FLEDGED AMBASSADOR!!!!!!! First off I am gonna need your bank see in order to access your funds overseas you will, first have to transfer all of your assets to a company owned Offshore Bank. Offshore, means International, by the way...this keeps you from loosing up to HALF or MORE of your hard earned money to Taxes!!! See, I am looking out for you already!!! SO send me that info as quickly as you can....

PS don't tell anyone else about this! They might get jealous and throw a monkey wrench into the process, which could take years to fix! In fact getting anyone involved INCLUDING the authorities (although for the life of me I could never assume why you would do something like that....I mean that's crazy!!! LOL!!) could cause such a disruption that in order to safeguard my company I may have to offer this position to someone else...and honestly that would Break My Heart! Please act Quickly...we need you now!!! Your Future Awaits you!!!!

-Charles Chester Cheeze-Its CEO of Cheeze-Its


Well what do You guys think? Seems Legit to me! I just wanted to check with all of you first...THANKS!!!!

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    Obviously this is real. I have seen Chester on the commercials I believe. And he wants to help the middle east? I think that is very thoughtful and a great humanitarian effort!

    I say go for it! What do you have to lose? You would be a full fledged Ambassador! Not to mention you could help be responsible for bringing peace to the middle east via Cheeze-Its!!!!! Sounds like an amazing opportunity to me!

  • 1 decade ago

    Go to Yahoo or Google and search for Nigerian Scam. Most of them go like this. BTW the product name isn't even spelled right.

  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely a scam. Nothing but a great big bunch of crap. When you're asked for your back information that's when you delete and say good bye. Never give anyone like that any of your information.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Too long didnt read.

    Sound like a load of bull.

    Charles Chester Cheeze-Its ??? Come on......

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You surely can qualify for most gullible person ever! You need a keeper to protect you from yourself.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dey need moar oil

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    never believe ANYTHING like this, they are all scams, just send them straight to the junk folder

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow - you are gullible, even my Nan knows better than that!!

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    I'd say - a scam. Why would he contact you.

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