Consolidating debt as a student?

For the last 6 months I've been stupidly poor, as in getting paid £1100 a month, and paying out all of that in debt, plus having to work shifts cash in hand at a bar to pay to get to work and for food. HOWEVER, its worth it, as this month is my final payment. That was BAD debt, like outstanding council tax debt that they wanted to take me to court for, and personal debt.

Now that's all done, I'm left with just 3K worth of standard bank debt. I start Uni in September and I want to consolidate this and pay it off monthly. Is there a good one anyone would advise? As I'd be getting £500 a month as nursing bursary and don't qualify for a student loan or overdraft due to my poor credit history, so I need a debt company that will let me pay it back in really small installments, like £30 a month. Seeing as the amount you pay back is judged by your income, and my income would be £500 a month, minus £300-£400 for rent and bills, then I have £100 left for travel and food for the month, I think £30 a month is reasonable.

Has anyone used a company whilst at Uni or just knows of a company that would let me pay it back in small installments? REALLY need to sort this.


Kyle N: You didn't read properly, I'm currently working full-time but will stop next month or shortly after, as in September I go to Uni to study special needs nursing, of which then, my only income will be a nursing bursary.

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    Student Loans do not consider credit history. I have awful credit and have just finished my first year at NTU. I'm not sure how nursing courses differ from other courses but I received £3229 for my tuition fees, £3500 per year maintenance loan (have to pay this back) and another £3500 grant and bursary ( I don't have to pay this back).

    Im not sure what happens with medical courses but it is well worth looking into. There is a lot of money out there for students.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How are you paying 1100 a month now when you make so little? The math on this does not add up. If you are capable of paying 1100 a month now, pay it for three more months and be done with your debt.

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