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Survival Question: Kit for Car?

When I was a kid, my Dad and I got caught on the wrong side of the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles:


"By the time the riots ended, 54 lives were lost, 2,383 people injured (228 critical), 12,111 arrested, 7,001 fires set, 1,400 structures destroyed, 3,100 businesses looted, and an estimated material damage of $1 billion.[7] Over 15,000 military and federal officers with 2,000 military Humvees, 20 M1A1 Abrams tanks, 5 AH-64 Apache helicopters, and the visual presence of F-15 fighters complimented the combined police presence of 16,000 officers."

We had to rent a motel room on the other side of town.We ended up driving home by going around the Angeles Crest Mountains from Rim of the World Drive all the way to the 14 freeway and Sylmar. It left a big impression on me. I never want to be caught unprepared again. The only stuff my Dad had in the car was a lot of tools to fix a car and a revolver with six green bullets wrapped in an oily cloth. Oh, and some Easter Candy he was hiding in his trunk.

I want to have a big rolling suitcase thing with everything I need. I figure a gun, ammunition, water, and food, and toilet paper. I already bought a big rolling suitcase from a thrift store. What else should I put in it? I am five foot four and weigh right now about 121 pounds. I think I could roll about 70 pounds. What should I put in my suitcase? Or is a rolling suitcase a bad idea? I would put a back pack, but there is no way I could carry three gallons of water in a backpack.


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    It's really a scenario thing - for example, in Minnesota this is a pretty standard practice, but is mostly geared around scenarios of getting caught in the snow somewhere so is heavily focused on cold weather gear.

    Obviously living in California that isn't going to be the issue for you. However, exactly what you want to be prepared for is. I.e. are you thinking about being caught in LA as you were as a kid? Or are you concerned about getting stranded of the PCH somewhere in the boonies? It will change the details. However, some general recommendations:

    1) Either some cash or a good credit card, possibly even a copy of an ID (like an expired driver's license) and an extra set of car/house keys.

    2) A decent knife or hachet. (If going with a hatchet, I generally recommend including some kind of multiblade pocket knife)

    3) A basic tool kit. (In a pinch a good multitool isn't a bad option here.)

    4) Matches and some sort of starter material. There are some different types of wax impregnated foams which will light with a match even when soaking wet. I suggest hurricane matches in a waterproof container.

    5) Depending on where you tend to go - a survival poncho and possibly a compact survival bag sort of sleeping bag. If you think you aren't going to separate from the car, then conventional blankets are fine.

    6) Extra cell phone charger - generally you can find ones in a kit that will do either wall or cigarette lighter.

    7) Good compact flashlight - I'd recommend one of the newer tacticals running off of a lithium ion battery (long shelf life) with LED light illumination. (much longer run time than conventional bulb and almost as bright)

    8) 3 Gallons of water is alot - the purification tablets are a good idea and you might also approach it by keeping a small flat of water bottles in the car. Then you can gauge how much you want to take based on the situation. Generally, that is common enough that people won't break into your car for that.

    9) A change of clothes with some decent hiking or walking shoes. - a nice to have is a small toiletries kit, needle, thread, a little soap/shampoo, travel toothpaste, a compact toothbrush and a comb or brush. It is entirely underrated how much of a difference in perspective one can have by being able to clean up and feel a little civilized after some sort of crisis.

    10) Food - this is tricky one. You can load up alot of Clif Bars or other sorts of meal replacement/energy bars for not that much weight. However, if you are ever stuck on a diet of those for more than a day or so, you aren't going to be a happy camper. However, if you pack any real food, or even freeze dried stuff, you probably need to pack something like a Boy Scouts camp cooking kit, and then a fork and spoon. It depends on how long and where you expect to be stranded.

    11) A basic first aid kit. Again, depends on your scenario to be prepared for to decide what level of one you want.

    12) A copy of the Boy Scout Handbook - or some equivalent. Whether a Boy Scout or not, these have alot of handy info about plant identification and other good stuff.

    13) Firearm and ammunition - so this one I can go either way on depending on how diligent you are about carrying a firearm, and how much ammo you keep, ie. if you carry a SIG226 running a 20 round mag with one spare, I probably wouldn't worry about any more. If you are running a J - frame .38 special, I might keep a box of ammo under a seat. If you are going to keep this in the car, I might not include it with the rest of the stuff and try and find a good concealment location.

    14) Some people will argue for a gallon of gas - I can't disagree necessarily, but I don't like having that inside my car.

    Regarding how to transport - again it is around scenario. Tons of Minnesotans for example keep all this stuff in a cardboard box in their car, and then have an empty backpack as well, so they can load what they want. Most of their scenarios involve staying with the car. So in your case, if you only anticipate under extreme circumstances needing to leave the car, then a rolling suitcase is probably fine, but I'd probably look for a backpack with the lightweight rolling wheels on it to give you some options.


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    1.) Jumper cables (aka booster cables) 2.) Multi-Tool (one of those pliers that have tons of tools in the handle) 3.) Map (local area or area you'll be traveling) 4.) First-aid kit 5.) Flashlight (and extra batteries) 6.) Rag 7.) Duct tape (because you can fix a lot of things with Duct tape) 8.) Rain coat (the folded $1 type) 9.) Emergency blanket (the folded $1 type) 10.) Folding shovel (entrenching tool) 11.) Fuses for fuse box 12.) Water bottles 13.) Protein bars or M.R.E. (meal-ready-to-eat) 14.) Reflective tape or reflective triangles (flares are hard to find) 15.) And old phone. Grab a $20 pre-paid phone(w/ roaming), because $20 is cheap insurance. 16.) Lighter or water proof matches, or flint rod. 17.) Compass 18.) Matches (for a fire) 19.) An orange vest if you need to stop on the side of the highway and get out of the car (a workers bright neon orange vest) 20.) Paper plates, cups 21.) Paper towels and toilet paper 22.) Sleeping bag 23.) Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste. There is a large possibility that you probably will skip brushing your teeth for a day in case of emergency and lack of water 24.) Kitchen Knife 25.) A 5$ Pan 26.) Ramen Noodles 27.) A few trash bags (shelter, poncho) 28.) A duraflame log (it burns for up to 3 hours and you can get them at your local grocery stores) 29.) A can of gasoline 30.) Signal Sparks I hope this helps: I have one of these myself By the way, choose and pick from this list, because I noticed that you said "Light Weight"

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    1 case MREs, military surplus- will give you food for 4-6 days

    1 case water, 28-36 bottles, .5L each

    $250 cash, small bills

    tools to fix the car

    a crowbar or machete

    road flares

    spare cell phone battery

    survival blanket

    GPS or a bunch of maps

    glow sticks

    fire starters

    1st aid kit (a real FAK, not those cheap ones you buy at some store)

    a gun, for legal issues you cannot store a handgun in the car. in LA county. You may do that in other counties but it must be in a approved locking container and stored with a locking cable or trigger lock. I recommend a rimfire rifle or a semiautomatic center fire rifle.

    You sound like a prepper or similar, check out the zombie squad and whenshtf forums. both are about preparing for the unexpected.


    I have a emergency kit in my minivan I drive. It was inspired by a post on zombie squad when a couple narrowly missed the LA riots by a few minutes and had a M1 carbine in their trunk for such things.

    For me I have a cardboard box of supplies- jumper cables, tire pressure checker, tire pump, hand tools, crowbar, Gerber Infinity Flashlight, extra batteries, a basic FAK, FAK manual, 8 road flares.

    A backpack stores 8 MREs, 2x1L bottles of water, 4x .5L bottles of water, fire starter, emergency blanket, hand warmers, umbrella, a few spare magazines of ammo.

    In a hard case I put the gun of the day, which varies on where I go. generally its a single shot .22LR rifle good for defense as well as hunting if I get stuck in the wilderness (I like to go to the mountains a lot) I have 2 bricks of .22LR ammo in the car at all times. Its just more convenient that way. Its only 8 pounds. Sometimes visiting a bad area or going to LA or San Diego I take my CA-legal AK47 along. it features no pistol grip so its CA legal. I figure people know what an AK47 looks like so there's no need to explain that during a riot or whatever. I usually take 6x10rd magazines and and addition 150 rounds. Finally, sometimes I put my Serbu Super Shorty in the case along with the ammo because its just so small. Its my only "pistol", under CA law its a smooth bore 12 gauge pump action handgun. I have #4 buck and a few slugs for that. It is CA legal, you'll need to find a off list firearm dealer in your area, and they're very hard to find!

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    save yourself a lot of weight and bulk and instead of carrying a few gallons of water have some sort of water purification system, either a filter, tablets or both. Not very expensive but very small, light, and handy.

    this way you could go with a backpack. also think of it this way it's easier for someone to snatch a suitcase than a backpack that's being worn. If it makes you feel better have a few water bottles in there for convenience and refill using your filter

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    I would suggest you pack a car kit, as if you were going on a 3 or 4 day camping trip.

    That is the way I have my car kit set up, including topo maps of the area I am going through and a compass. Unless you have a concealed weapons permit, I'd be very careful carrying a gun in your car.

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    The lighter the better! If something were to happen do you really want 70 pounds worth of stuff to try to climb rocks or stairs with?

    You only need to carry what you need for up to three days. Freeze dried food packs, a few bottles of water, signaling device, a good sharp knife, matches or a lighter, toilet paper, a space blanket, a flashlight and a small first aid kit.

    Carrying a firearm is an issue you need to determine on your own. I mean, what if your pack gets into the wrong hands?

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    the only item that would really help you in a riot is a gun with lots of ammo. just try to drive yourself back home and put your house on lock down.

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    I just keep my day pack with my ten essentials and pistol in it I guess you could say it goes where I go. I have a CWP so it's no big deal for me.

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