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Help with puppy training- Toilet and Biting?

Hi all, I have just got a 12 week old puppy. He won't go to the toilet outside even when I try and teach him! How can I curb this?

Also, how can I train him to stop biting me and other people?

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    House training does take time. What I have done with my 10 week old Jack Russell Terrier is lay newspaper by the backdoor and frontdoor, also around his bed at night. He has worked out what they are all for, but still has the odd accident. Take your puppy out first thing in the morning, after his breakfast, on the hour every hour, and after his evening meal. You have to give a basic command like 'Be quick' or 'toilet' to help them understand that they need to go outside and that it is okay to do so. Spend at least 10 min's outside with the pup, and when he does both his businesses then congratulate him like never before.

    As for biting, it is a puppy thing. A good way to stop puppies from nipping is indicate with your voice (not angrily, just assertively), that the hand biting is not ok. Say ‘no’ or ‘no biting’ and then redirect puppy by giving him something else to chew, such as an uncooked bone or a chew toy. Encourage him to play with that for a while. This will quite naturally stop puppy biting. Pup's investigate with their mouth's, a bit like us with our hands.

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    All puppies will bite, so you have to simply do what momma dog does and put your hand around its' muzzle and with a little shake say "no bite". Here's a good site for all training problems, also how to housebreak

    Scroll down and check out all the different articles on training, illness, feeding, etc.

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    well for the biting..its not really bites at this age..its little nips as they would do with their brother and sisters. when the puppy nips at you just scream a loud shriek to signal him that it hurts. for the toilet training. have a small area outside your house and cover the entire area with training pads and/or spray some spray that you can get at walmart and you spray the spray where you DO want to dog to eliminate and you will spray this on the training pads. so when the dog is about to start peeing inside the house your do not rub its nose in it or anything just immediately take it outside to the training pad area and leave it there for about 10 minutes because that is when the dog is likely to eliminate again.

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    Take him outside and stay out there with him until he goes to the bathroom. And then praise him. Say that is a good boy(name) or your a good dog. If he does go to the bathroom inside send him to "his" room. He will get that if he wants to stay inside and out of "his" room that he does his thing outside

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