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Anonymous asked in 健康疾病及病徵其他 - 疾病 · 1 decade ago

My head is itch

idk why, but whenever the weather is hot and very shiny, my head began to itch everywhere....can somebody tell me why?


do u think this is a disease? cause its really itchy every time the weather is hot and shiny. Have anyone of u guys try it b4?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    一熱個頭就好癢 係腑臟有熱(特別係肝腎問題) 熱氣上沖受於頭 而複有 風 與 濕 乘之 濕熱相搏 更會折損血氣

    唔理會 遲啲 重會有大量頭皮屑 脂逸 脫髪 生頭瘡 等問題出現

    一晒一熱 毛孔就準備突然冒汗 當汗水還未湧出前 毛孔就有癢的感覺 這個癢的感覺 會令人搔頭髮 可疏導熱力

    但出汗太多 人會虛 血虛又會生風 仲會周身癢

    搵中醫 調理臟腑 清熱解毒

    咁就唔會再日日都熱日日都癢 啦!

  • 1 decade ago

    because D 汗焗住!

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