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請問rebound never last是什麼意思?

請問rebound never last是什麼意思?

請問rebound never last是什麼意思?

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    rebound: 通常戀愛中後補的

    It means

    If someone just broke up from a relationship, the next one whom he/she falls in love with might be a rebound and the relationship will never last longer than you expected.

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    The correct way to say it is

    Rebounds never last.


    The rebound never lasts.


    Rebound relationships never last.

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    認同 002 答題者. 會用到這樣的詞句八九不離十是在說, 失戀後馬上又發生的新戀情是不會長久的. 請注意一下文法就是了, 如果這三字是一個完整的句子, 那"rebound"尾巴要加上"s" ...

    Rebounds never last.

    不然就是 A rebound relationship never lasts.


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    rebound n. 彈回,跳回;返回;振作,躍起;波動;反應

    last v. 持續

    rebound never last

    回彈 從未 持續(指的是經濟上的內容嗎?)

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