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愷哲 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago







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    This product conception does the mall in handcart and the self-propelled vehicle the union, the present mall nearly is provides the hand to push the shopping cart to the customer use, therefore we think its union self-propelled vehicle, is also this product wisdom shopping cart. This product is mainly uses the infrared sensory element as well as the supersonic wave sensory element, and matches the programming language 8051 to control, has the automatic followed and evades bonds the function, then can cause the populace when the shopping is more relaxed conveniently. First, from moves using the infrared sensory element follows and controls the act direction. Second, uses 89C51 to control the direct-current motor. Third, may use the function which the supersonic wave sensory element achieves evades bonds.


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